Coping With Stress In Your Life

By Carissa Demma and Emma Ostermann

Health Choices That Will Get Rid Of Stress

-Stay away from drugs and alcohol. Smoking and drinking may temporarily reduce stress but will cause problems later on.

-Get with close friends and family to talk over all your problems.

-Don't procrastinate on solving your tough situations.

-Get plenty of sleep.

-Don't stay in your house too long. Get out and meet some new people.

-Make time for relaxation and fun:

*play with your pet

*call a friend to hang out

*get a massage

*listen to music

*watch a comedy

*read a book

-Keep your sense of humor.

-Eat a healthy diet.

-reduce caffeine and sugar

Follow these simple steps and more to live a long, healthy life without anxiety or depression. And, of course, stress.

Exercise can help reduce your level of stress

7 out of 10 adults say that they experience stress daily, but only 14% exercise to help reduce their stress. The other 86% try to lower their level of stress by eating, listening to music, or sleeping; but statistics show that exercising is the best way to reduce stress. When you exercise your body produces endorphins (chemicals in the brain that act as a natural painkiller) and improves your ability to sleep. Exercise is also vital in order to maintain your mental fitness. All of these benefits from exercising will in turn help reduce the amount of stress in your life


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