CPU Intermediate News

September 2nd, 2015

Library Under Construction!!

The library demolition is underway. Everything has been moved out of the library and areas have been marked for demolition. The ceiling has been removed to allow for wiring of the new HVAC system. The construction crew will be removing the stairs very soon.

Media and Keyboarding Classes

We have completed the first cycle of media and keyboarding classes in the "Penthouse." I am thankful that we have a space even if it has been a little toasty. Media and keyboarding classes began checking out today. It is very tricky to check out books for students when we have very limited Internet access. We are still trying to figure out how to make everything run smoothly. Third and fourth grade students begin class on third floor and end class in the new library. Fifth grade students begin class in the new library and end class on third floor. Students are able to check out one book at a time. Mrs. Diveley and I will evaluate the number of books left after this first cycle of checking out and see if we have enough books for students to check out two. Students will return books a little differently this year. Mrs. Diveley will deliver a basket to your room the day before media. Students will put books they are returning into the basket before media. Please have one or two students drop off the basket in the library before coming to media.


The laminator has been moved to the new library. If you need something laminated, please put the items on the table next to the laminator.


Batteries are now being stored in the office.


An iPad sign-up sheet was shared with you today on Google Docs. If you did not receive the link, please let me know. The iPads are now being stored in the new library. Please make sure you sign up on the Google Doc before taking iPads. The iPads needed to be returned at the end of each day by 3:00. If the library is locked, you will need to get a key from the office.

Everyday Math and Think Central

I have been working on getting all teachers and classes set up on Everyday Math and Think Central. Third Grade - I am waiting for the company to import your students into Everyday Math and I will let you know as soon as I hear back from them. Fourth and Fifth Grade - I was only able to set up Joel and Aaron's classes because their password had not changed from the original password. Everyone else will need to set up their own class and print student passwords. Think Central has been set up for all classes. Mrs. Diveley passed out student usernames and passwords yesterday.