Geothermal Energy

By Gabriella, Kyla, oshaurya

How is this recources formed and How is it used?

Geothermal Energy is produced by the heat of Earth's molten interior.This Geothermal power plant in Reykgavik,Iceland is using their underground reservoirs of stream and hot water to generate electricity and heat and cool buildings directly. Geothermal energy has been used for thousands of years on some countries for looking and heating.



Potentially infinite energy supply used successfully in some countries, such as New Zealand and Iceland.


Can be expensive to set up and only works in areas of volcanic activity. Geothermal and volcanic activity might calm down, leaving power stations redundant. Dangerous elements found under ground must be disposed carefully.

Where is this resources found most abundantly?

Usually geothermal energy is deep underground. Usually found along major plate boundaries where earthquakes and volcanoes are concentrated.

Are there any harmful effects to earth from creating or using this resource?

Water quality and use, air emissions, land use, life cycle global warming emission.

Include if it is renewable or not

Yes it is renewable most renewable energy goes to producing electricity.