Islam the reliogon


In the Islamic religion the follwers called muslims have one god named Allah.They also follow the islamic laws, there are five of them. First, is beleif in their one god Allah, secondly that they must pray five times a day to Allah faceing Mecca. Also there is Charithy where they help the less fourchonet and give 2.5 percent of their enings to the poor. The forth law is Fasting During Ramadon where for a day they do not eat or drink to try to follow gods wishes and also they learn self dicablin during this. Lastly pilgrimge, this is where mulims particeabate in the Anual Hajj where they go to Mecca(once in there lives) pray to the kabaa. The Annual Hajj is the day in the Islam religon where muslims travel to mecca and pray you must go to Mecca at least once in your life or more if you can afford it and if you cant afford it you must pray faceing mecca. Another day important to Islam religion is Ramadon where the muslims fast and try to be nice to one anouther and follow gods way for them.Muslims pray in a mosque where they wash there hands faces and arms to there elbows 3 times before praying they also must do this five times a day. Their holy book is the Koran and the Koran was writin on the day of Ramadon. The Iman leads prayer and the worship in the Mosques. In this religion they go to the mosques on friday for worship. The muslims have two sects in the islam religion and they are Sunni which is the larger sect and they dont belevie that goverment leaders should be religes leaders  and is the smaller sect of islam and the want theocrcy and they are called the shiites .

The Koran is their Holy book

Importon facts

They Must face Mecca to pray

Worship Leader

This is a worship leader during a speech ethier at outside a Mosque or a public speaking event to spread the word about islam and try to convince people to belive in allah.


Mecca is the pichture at the top of the page also so. This is the ka bah it is the cube biluding inside of mecca during the annul hajj muslims come to mecca to pray faceing the ka bah which they beleave that teir god bilut.
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