The Dixie Dazzler

Your Weekly Inspiration


I really can not wait to order our new Summer Line this week! (today for Sr stylists and above!). I truly believe this will take stella & dot to the next level...a billion dollar accessories brand! Its been fun to sit a Directors Conferences for three years and hear the inside scoop on working towards this. There were ideas that never materialized and ideas that did. I love how slowly we have "tweaked" this aspect of our business and I feel like we have it exactly right! Now is the BEST time to be a part....we are on the cusp of something huge!

Weekly Focus

1. Attend Build it Big in Atlanta

The incredible Danielle Redner will be HERE! You have the chance to listen to her in person in a local setting! Why would you not go? Its in the Buckhead Area of Atlanta, which is an easy drive. Join us!

2. 555 Challenge

Get you month off to a roaring start with our 555 Challenge! Sell $500 by the 5th of March for a $5 Starbucks gift-card from me! Star Stylist, Amanda Shaw writes, "Girls, get out there am promote this Autism Awareness Boutique if you can! $500 in sales and it is just 10:20. Get an online show going. Front load your month! A little facebook marketing is being my friend today! 9 bracelets ordered. $610 in sales....April 1st. Online show and a couple pre orders! You guys can do it too! I know it!"


Soooo many of you have already invested in yourself and registered for Hoopla! Its not too late! Early Bird registration has been extended to May 5th! Why register now? $300 in SWAG, thats why!
Early Bird registrations receive $100 in free product credits to be used toward the Fall 2013 collection (issued in July). For all Hoopla Attendees, the swag is in the bag, you'll receive $200+ in product value at Hoopla!

We are Dazzled by....

Top in Sales for MARCH!

Congrats to everyone for their hard work in March! These ladies were top in sales for our team!

Carolyn Barnes $ 6,370.00

Susan Carruth $ 6,004.00

Amanda Shaw $ 3,007.00

Vanessa Slagle $ 3,003.00

Sherry Sawicki $ 2,326.00

Hannah Hendley $ 2,216.00

Brittany Faircloth $ 1,727.00

Brianne Yontz $ 1,720.00

Brandy Lemley $ 1,536.00

Kirby Shockley $ 1,536.00

Jina Bootcheck $ 1,375.00

Kim Renz $ 1,236.00

Anna Sample $ 1,213.00

kerstin suess $ 861.00

Lisa Varshine $ 827.00

Jennifer Ellis $ 809.00