Robert fulton's "steamboat"

In 1807 Robert Fulton used steam power to create the first steamboat.He was a inventor and a american engineer too.

Robert Fulton was credited with developing a commercially successful steamboat called "Clermont".

The steamboat went with passenger from New York city to Albany and back again a round trip of 300 miles , in 62 hours. In 1800 Napoleon Bonaparte commissioned to design the "Nautilos".

He also credited with inventing some of the worlds' earliest naval torpedoes for use by the British Royal navy.The steamboat help to exporting internationally the machines or others things.

The people used the steamboats to transport faster .This machines helped the people in a lot of ways.

how much time did the stemboats took to do a trip?

Fulton's decided to go from Albany to New York city because the trial run from New York to Albany required 32 hours considerably better time than the four miles per hour that required by the monopoly. The passage was epic because sailing sloops required four days for the same trip.

A good horse on an ordinary turnpike road can draw two thousand pounds, or one ton. A party of gentlemen were invited to witness the experiment, that the superiority of the new road might be established by ocular demonstration. Twelve wagons were loaded with stones, till each wagon weighed three tons, and the wagons were fastened together. A horse was then attached, which drew the wagons with ease, six miles in two hours, having stopped four times, in order to show he had the power of starting, as well as drawing his great load.