New Hampshire

Most Glorious Colony Of The New World

About New Hampshire

New Hampshire was founded by Captain John Mason in the year 1623. Later Irish came to settle and made lax and linen products. Other trade goods offered in New Hampshire were wheat, fish, pumpkins, maple syrup, chicken and, corn. The people of New Hampshire lived in log cabins heated by fire places during the harsh winter. They would also keep a large spare log to use for the fire place in case if the fire wood was burning out. There was a war over the territory of the Conneticut river which is in modern day Vermont. After building houses and towns they would hold trials of strength and skills. In these trials the men would compete in challenges like wrestling and log throwing. New Hampshire would also take pride in their school and education system. Schools would always be second to be built after the meeting house and town hall. School teachers would be paid fifty dollars a year which was a lot of money in colonial times. Most of New Hampshire's population was Puritan. New Hampshire is also known for its majestic mountains, flowing rivers and, wide glorious lakes. Because of all the lakes people would craft boats for fishing.

More About New Hampshire

New Hampshire officially became a state on June 21, 1788. There was no religious freedom in areas inhabited by the Puritans as they did not tolerate any other forms of religion. New Hampshire was the coldest of the three regions. The colony had short and mild summers leading to long cold winters. However it had less disease than the warmer colonies.