Paid To Play

Collage players need to be paid

The Facts

"The salaries could be effectively bargained to have some sort of minimum guaranteed salary for all" says NBC News "The March survey, from the National College Players Association and Drexel University, said that the projected fair market value of the average college football player is $178,000 per year from 2011 to 2015, while the projected market value for the average college basketball player for the same time is $375,000."

More Facts

" The typical Division I college football player devotes 43.3 hours per week to his sport — 3.3 more hours than the typical American work week.Although the NCAA claims college athletes are just students, the NCAA’s own tournament schedules require college athletes to miss classes for nationally televised games that bring in revenue." Says Marc Edelman


Next Saturday everyone gather up at collages near you bring your posters and PROTEST, PAID TO PLAY! PAID TO PLAY!PAID TO PLAY! PAID TO PLAY!PAID TO PLAY! PAID TO PLAY!