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What is it?


Autism is a disability. Some people say there is something wrong with the person, but really they just have a harder time learning than you do. They think different. If you say to someone who is autistic like, "go hit the lights". They will really imagine you going to hit the lights. Autism is something you can be born with. You can't catch it like a cold or the flu. If you know someone that's autistic and they talk that is great! Some kids with autism don't even speak so your lucky if you know one that speaks. Others can have speech delays. As people with autism get older they will learn more about these things and how to understand it better

how you can help

Buying your charm

The Autism charm is the puzzle piece because they are trying to find the cure for autism and "they need to find the last puzzle piece". You can buy a Autism awareness charm to help find a cure for autism. All the money earned from these bracelets will be donated to the Autism awareness association.

More information

If you want to buy a bracelet from us then you can contact us at any of these numbers or emails.