Orenda Superintendent Newsletter

May 2023



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Teacher and Staff Appreciation

Thank you to our parents, students, and community for your gifts, words and kindness to our teachers and staff for Teacher Appreciation Week. Orenda has amazing staff who go above and beyond for our students and school every day. With your help, we celebrated and appreciated their hard work and dedication, in an often thankless job, towards shaping and inspiring our future leaders. Thank you!

Summer Blast Grades 3-8

Based on research-based best practices, Orenda will be providing accelerated instruction for students in grades 3-8 during June. This model strives to bridge gaps and prevent a summer slide before the next school so students start the school year prepared for the next grade level rather than providing remediation during the following school year. Summer Blast will be by invitation only based on preliminary raw STAAR scores so we can target the students who are in most need of acceleration. We will be sending invitations and registration information to parents the week of May 22nd.

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June EOC Acceleration and Retesting

Mark your calendars for the dates and locations below for End-of-Course (EOC) accelerated instruction for students who will be retaking the EOC exam in June.

Gateway Tech and Prep Tech instruction will be from 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM at Gateway Tech according to the following schedule:

· English I: June 12 and 13

· Algebra I: June 14 and 15

· English II: June 19 and 20

· Biology: June 21

· US History: June 22

Kingsland instruction will be June 12 – 23 from 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM at Kingsland School.

Spring EOC scores will be released on May 31st to districts. EOC acceleration instruction and retesting information will be sent to parents no later than June 2nd for students who did not meet the passing standard on one or more EOC exams.

End-of-Course Retests will take place June 26-30 at the Gateway Tech and Kingsland School campuses starting at 8:30 AM. The specific date for each subject test will be communicated after May 31st when scores are received.

Summer School Grades 9- 12

Summer school for grades 9-12 will take place at Gateway Tech High School on June 5 - 25, 2023 from 8 AM - 12 PM Monday - Friday. All summer school registration forms and fees are due no later than noon on Wednesday, May 31st.

STAAR and EOC Reporting Timelines

With the new STAAR Redesign this year, the reporting timelines have changed from prior years.

2023 Spring EOC Reporting Timeline

2023 Spring STAAR Grades 3-8 Reporting Timeline

FitnessGram Grades 3 -12

State law requires school districts to annual assess the physical fitness of students enrolled in a PE course in grades 3 - 12. Students are being assessed in May with the FitnessGram Physical Fitness Assessment which includes tests for aerobic capacity, body composition, muscular strength and endurance, and flexiblity. To request a copy of your child's FitnessGram Assessment, please email your child's PE teacher.


Upcoming Dates to Remember

May 25 at 7 pm - Kingsland School Graduation at Log Country Cover - Cedar Skies

May 27 at 1 pm - Gateway Tech High School Graduation at Gateway Prep Main Gym
May 27 at 4 pm - Gateway College Preparatory School Graduation at Gateway Prep Main Gym and Live Stream available at https://www.facebook.com/gatewaygtown