Hooting Lockettes Nov Newsletter

For O2 Designers under Team Leader Kelley Morrow #13180

Can you believe that it is already November?! I mean, seriously WHERE did this year go?! Next month we come up on my anniversary of joining the infamous Designer Wait List. Little did I know that one year later here I would be. With the most AMAZING team in all of the company (right y'all?!) and forming new friendships and having the ability to work with you ladies from all over the country. It has been one heck of an amazing year, and I want to thank each one of you for allowing me to be part of your business and part of your lives.


October was an AMAZING month for the Hooting Lockettes! We DOUBLED our group volume from all of our previous months! You all had amazing sales and really did an amazing job! I could not be more proud of every one of you.

We introduced many of our new Fall Products this month. Our new Window Plates, Charms, Chains, Tags and Dangles from our fall line became available to the public on October 8th.

We had yet another WONDERFUL and successful Pop-Up Shop! Customer's really really love these specials, so make sure to take advantage of these amazing deals when they "POP" up. You can always use them as discounted inventory to give away as hostess gifts, offer customer specials or as door prizes.


  • Judy Deaver

$1,809.50 PV ($2,921.30 Retail)


  • Kristie Wickard

$939.50 PV ($1,692.50 Retail)


  • Jessica Congiundi

$995.00 PV ($577.10 Retail)


  • Jennifer Mysels

$390.50 PV ($702.29 Retail)


  • Debbie Rogers

$350.48 PV ($618.90 Retail)


  • Michelle Hardenburg

$308.oo PV ($508.00 Retail)


**With the long delivery time of the TOMs for last month, incentives were delayed for September. All incentives earned from September AND October will be combined and sent together. I will place the order for October incentives on the 10th, so please let me know your choices by then!**

September Incentives

TOMs - Judy Deaver, Kristie Wickard

Thank You Cards - Michelle Hardenburg, Katie Roth

$10 Gift Card - Judy Deaver



YAY! Our brand spanking new Back Office launched TODAY! I have spent the past hour or so going through it with a fine toothed comb and am seriously LOVING it.
Here are a few things you will LOVE about the new BO:
  • Jewelry Bar Assistant
  • Better more detailed reporting (for yourself AND your downline)
  • Ability to enroll and manage your O2 Connection (Newsletter)
  • COUPON CODES AND GIFT CERTIFICATES coming soon! (Can you tell I'm excited about this one?!)
  • Brand new O2 Lounge (replacing the O2 Loop as a networking center for designers)
  • Personalized Website
  • Document Library

FINALLY OUR LINK LOCKETS, BRACELETS and the rest of our CHAINS will be available THIS MONTH!!! Although we still don't have any specific date as to when they will be released, The Nest HAS told us that we will have them by Thanksgiving. With a 10 day shipping window, I will assume they will be available for purchase around the 10th... Now listen to me...that is not a SET date, just a prediction on my part, and I have known to be wrong before (gasp I know hehe). So, please please do not promise your customers anything that is not set in stone. You can tell them exactly what I told you, but do not give them specifics until they are given to us.

Take some time over the next few days to really get into the new system and get to know it. It is going to be amazing! (That being said, it is a brand new system, so expect a few little hiccups over the next week or so. Trust me IT is fantastic and will have us running smoothly soon.)

Once the bracelets/link lockets do become available, expect a HUGE increase in your sales for the month! There have been people waiting months for them, so don't miss the opportunity to bring these beautiful one of a kind pieces to all of your customers. Offer specials, discounts, deals, etc to make sure they want to purchase them from YOU, and as always, offer exceptional customer service to everyone.