Forensic Science Technicians

Putting together the pieces of today's crimes

Career Description

Do you enjoy math and science? Do you like working in a lab with new technologies? Would you like to be a part of the criminal justice system? If so, then forensic science tech is a great career for you to choose. Some of the day to day responsibilities of a forensic science technician are:

1. Collecting evidence

2. Preserving evidence

3. Analyzing evidence

4. Writing reports

5. Testifying in court

6. Brainstorming theories

7. Reconstructing crimes.

8. Being alert,focused, and observant at all times

9. Communicating with co-workers about possible theories

10. Using machines such as EDNA and GC-MS


You are making a positive impact on people’s lives, & helping to put guilty people behind bars. Also, every case is different, so every day is a new and unexpected adventure!

Schooling and additional information

At least 4 years of college are required in order to become a forensic science technician.

North Carolina State University and Purdue University are some of the many colleges with good forensic science programs. If you are looking for an interesting video that you can watch to become more informed about forensic science, I recommend that you watch NOVA's special "Forensics on Trial" on PBS.

Have a great day & go become a forensic science technician! :)