Healthy 2016 January events!

Learn more this new year, get healthy, get inspired!

Cleanse and Restore "30 day Cleanse" January 11th 6:45pm RSVP to receive SSF location.


Ever wonder why it is important to cleanse our bodies regularly?

We clean the furnace filters in our homes.
We change the air & oil filters in our cars.
What about our filters?

Did you know much of our Overall Health & Well-being, is actually in our gut?

Did you know that cleansing is a great first step to weight loss and/or energy and just "feeling better."

Learn WHY it is important to cleanse, and HOW easy it is to do, at this class.

Get a new body for 2016 Naturally! Saturday January 16th 1:30pm SSF location given with RSVP

Tips to:

Eating right,


Resting and managing stress

Reduce toxic load

Informed self care

Proactive Medical Care.

Feel and look better, make this your year!

Essential oils 101! January 12th @6:45

Come learn in an interactive, fun setting:

What are essential oils?

Which ones should I choose?

How to safely use them on the entire family.

How to get major discounts on your products.

How to connect with a group of people who use essential oils.

This class is what you have been looking for to get your home healthy! Join me for an hour packed with information, snacks, raffle and door prizes!

RSVP to get SSF location.

Girls night out Friday 1/22/16 , with the reveal and Verage Skin Care systems!

Friday, Jan. 22nd, 6:30-8:30pm

SSF location given upon RSVP

Come experience the exclusive system of natural skin care that nourish and hydrate skin, reducing the visible signs of aging.

What to expect at this event:

  • Give yourself a spa quality facial with the Reveal face system
  • Then pamper your skin with the VERAGE skin care line
  • Learn what makes them so special.
  • Light refreshments
  • $10.00 fee to be paid at event

Essential oils are for everyone! Thursday January 28th 6:30pm SSF location given with RSVP

Join me as we share and explore how everyone can benefit from the use of the most powerful essential oils in the world. At this fun and interactive class you can expect to:

  • Have a great time with friends
  • Learn or review what are essential oils
  • Sourcing and quality
  • How to safely use them with the entire family
  • Get your oils at below wholesale prices.
  • Light refreshments
  • Prizes!

Join me for any of these events or all of them and expand your knowledge. I will share with you how to keep your home, you and your family chemical free!