Teaching in a foreign country.

South Korea

Questions and answers.

  1. What is your career? Being an english teacher in South Korea.

  1. Brief description of what you will be doing in your job? Being an english teacher is not the same there as it is here. You will most likely be asked to not speak any korean, you will be teaching most if not all the students in the school. The schools there also pay for my housing, airplane ticket.

  1. How much will I earn in a year (salary)? Around 30,000

  1. How much education do I need?

    1. technical school

    2. Associate's Degree (2 year college)

    3. Bachelor’s Degree (4 year college)

    4. Master’s degree

    5. Doctorate degree

    6. Medical school

    7. Law school

    8. I need none of these all I need is to take a 20 hour course, in TEFL/TESOL.

  2. What college will best prepare me for my occupation? Any college, would be a good college because there aren’t many requirements.

  1. How much will I travel with this job? 6,819 miles is the distance from Texas to South Korea. But other than that none.

  1. What skills do I already have that will help me in this occupation? Im great with kids, I love learning new languages. I know how to make presentations.

  1. Why do I want to do this job? I’ve always wanted to travel, and i really love Korean culture.

  1. Where will I be located with this job... exact location? Seoul South Korea.

My main reason for wanting this career.

I Want to go too different countries, I want to learn other peoples language. I hope not only to go to South Korea but other countries as well.

Frequently asked questions

Is it dangerous to live in South Korea? No South Korea is extremely safe though that may be hard to believe.

Do I have to know the language? No their are many people who live there and do not speak the language.

Does it cost a lot to live in South Korea? No not at all the price for housing is really low but the quality is nice to.


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