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Stone Canyon EdVentures

Get Excited! We are headed to the new outdoor education center- Stone Canyon EdVentures on September 25th. We will grow as a team and learn to trust each other through different excerises. We will continue the conversations built around the book 'Turn the Ship Around'. Check out some photos from last year!

Soooo what does an Archivist do?

The O&M Archivist position is a unique and resourceful position that is headquartered out of the Maintenance Building A basement in Castle Rock. Tim Hardy (pictured below) is our Archivist and has been in this position for a few months now. Tim has many responsibilities as an Archivist, but there are a few that could be as advantageous to our technicians out in the field. Tim collects and assesses building documents and drawings for all of our buildings. If you are in need of a copy of some pages of our construction drawings or O&M manuals Tim can help you with that. Tim also sends out 11 month warranty notices on our construction projects. The notices are a great reminder for our team to be pro-active in getting the most out of our warranties and contractors on recently completed projects. The archives in the basement in building A can be a great resource and save same valuable time when searching for specific equipment and notes on our buildings. We can thank Tim for keeping that resource so organized and readily available. Also, thank you to Connie Lukas for training him and doing a phenomenal job in this position for over 6 years!

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Reducing Backlogs

One of the strategic priorities is to reduce backlogs in School Dude. We are focusing on customer satisifaction and lead time of our work orders. Last year, we complete 4,412 work orders while only 3,659 were received by our customers. This cost us $835,395. This year we completed 4,404 and have received 3,649 work orders. This year it cost us $807,636. Great work to everyone working on backlogs!


Last year (2014) our total school bus miles equaled 164.67 trips around the earth. Can you believe that!?

Matt Van Deusen, Director of Operations

Employee Highlight

  • Where were you born? Oxford, England
  • What are your hobbies? Gardening, building things, figuring how things work, and running!
  • What was your favorite vacation? Paris
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I look forward to working for the O&M team as we begin a new school year and putting names with faces.

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