your going to love it :)

My winter break

out side...

when I woke up I was so, HAPPY, you know why, I was so HAPPY because?, it was SNOWING. But, COME ONN, why do you have to say BUT, BUT, my mom said go out side and, wait for it, PLAY, I was thinking in my mind thats a frist .So my brothers and me went out side we made made snow angilys, we laughed and had a really good time, and we went sledding down the hill. HAHA this is going to be good. the hill is 3 big hills in to one, HUGE hill, its about 6 trucks down, and a cross.

Doing work...

Doing work, doing work, is that what you think of winter break is about, NO is what your thinking. Almost half of the time I was doing work, I felt like a slave, in chans, in my OWN, HOUSE. I cleaned, the house, / all of ITT, I feed the animals, I got bit a lot of times, / 8, TIMES. And a lot more stuff. Hmmm, now I know how my mom feels, sorry about saying all of that stuff, mom, im going to get in a, lot of trouble. thats how I felt over winter break just like that guy in the picture, over there, MAN, his life most be like, REALLY, hard, I would HATE, to be him.

When life gives you sledds go sledding, down a hill.

The first time I saw this video I was dying laughing, the first one is the funniest out of all of them, all im asking is just PLEASE, watch it.

Funny Sledding Crashes