To Live and To Learn

By: Kae Marj

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With life, there comes a million lessons to learn. In the story To Live and To Learn by Kae Marj you will find it quite dramatic. The wild 22 year old Karrissa Paige is single and ready to mingle but her life is suddenly turned upside down. Her older brother was in a fatal car accident and now has to be a legal guardian to her 15 year old niece Destiny. Destiny had a hard time growing up when she was younger now she's all messed up and Karrissa is in for a rude awakening. Can her and her niece get or along or will it be a oil and vinegar type situation? Eventually Karrissa will be faced will tough decisions based on her love life, family and her life. Can she do it or will she fold?

My Perspective

To Live and To Learn has its ups and downs. One minute everything's good then the next its like everything turns into trouble. In the story its like a domino effect. If Karrissa is hurting then Destiny is hurting and so on. I will say if you are young and into the drama filled urban fiction then this is the book for you.
To Live and To Learn

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