Checking In

Classes, Updates and More

Hello Yogis,

How are you all doing? I hope well, I hope your families are well and I hope you are managing this time the best that you can.

I know I said that I would keep in contact with you all weekly, and I meant it, however I have been struggling, as I am sure many of you are as well. It was getting really hard for me to write an update to all of you, because the answer is I simply do not know. Just as many of us do not know what tomorrow brings.

I am trying my best to be a beacon of white light for you all, by providing our classes the best we can, and I will continue to do so. However I would be lying if I didn't say that I miss all of your faces. I miss the day to day of seeing students practice, and growing within their practice. I hope if and when we reunite in the studio that I can see the growth from your continued commitment at home.

I am reminded of the practice of Non-attachment or Non-Possessiveness also known in Sanskrit as Apriagrha, during this time. I have found a discovery about myself, that I am absolutely attached to my students,and miss them tremendously. We practice this as yogi's because we are divine beings, and spirituality and materialistic things do not coexist, because one is of space and ether, and the other of matter and density. Yet what about people? We are human beings having a spiritual existence right? However we are absolutely, Human beings that thrive off of connection, and thrive off of interacting with one another, because we are social creatures. One of the things most new clients, and students tell us about our studio, is how welcoming you all are, how safe everyone feels amongst one another. We love watching all of you help each other through life's trials and tribulations, as well as your practice. We enjoy the laughs we have shared, the break through both on and off the mats. So it seems so odd to be operating in such a way

We do have a Facebook group where we were posting about classes at first, if you have not yet joined I encourage you to do so by going here -----------> FaceBook Group, so that maybe we can check in with one another during this time, still foster that community, and continue to help one another during these challenging times.

*THERE WILL BE NO CLASS EMAILED ON SUNDAY 4/12/2020 IN OBSERVANCE OF THE HOLIDAY* Saturday's class will remain up for 48 hours, if you wanted to practice again on Sunday

Schedule of Online Classes

Sunday- Open Level

Monday-Gentle Yoga

Tuesday- Open Level

Wednesday- Open Level

Thursday- Gentle Yoga

Friday- Open Level

Saturday- Open Level

A few things to update you all on and questions that people have been asking.


  • Classes will continue to be emailed the morning of the class between 9-9:30am. You must sign up via MindBody Online, in order to recieve the link.
  • PLEASE, sign up for ONLY AM OR PM classes, as we are leaving both open, to be able to fill more spots for classes.
  • Classes are available for 24hrs and then taken down
  • Please do not share the class links with anyone, outside your home, if you want to do the class with a family member, we encourage you to do that.
  • MindBody has added access to videos, we will see what this looks like, and may change our platform, however an email will go out before that change is made.


Being we are operating in a different light, and we understand that many be experiencing financial hardship at this time, we have cut the prices of our packages to below

5 Packs- 50% of at $32.50

10 Packs- 50%off at $60.00

Unlimited Classes- Without Contract- $100, (same value as contracted members)

These packages will be available for the next month, and possibly extended, depending upon when we can reopen our doors.

Packages can be purchased directly through your account on our website, or if you utilize the MindBody App,. If you are having trouble with your account please email us, and we will help rectify that for you.

*If you are choosing to not participate in any of our online classes, we will extend a package upon us reopening, and please disregard automatic emails that may go out*

At this time, Groupons will not be redeemed for our online content, and will only be done so upon the reopening of the studio.

First Responders, Healthcare Workers

All health care workers, first responders and those on our front lines are able to access unlimited class packages for free, either to use now, or to be used at a later date. If you know any one, please send them the link to our website, and have them fill in their information, and leave in the comments that they are a healthcare worker. This is located where it says to SUBSCRIBE, on our homepage. A link is also provided below. We will then correspond with them, giving them the appropriate package and set up. It is the least we can do during this time.

Send them HERE--------> New Client Registration


We would be lying if we said that the studio is getting by just fine, as this is simply not the case. Each day our door is closed, is another day we may not be able to reopen. Although we have taken the appropriate measures, and applied for funds we are entitled to as small business, these things are not so black and white, and not exactly guaranteed for everyone.

We have created a donation based gift card option, with a custom amount of anyone's choosing, that can be purchased in our online store, that will go directly to the yoga studio to help pay the bills, rent and utilities, that unfortunately do not stop in our absence. We appreciate anything you may be able to give, and understand there is no obligation if you choose not to. To donate you can go here ---------> Gift Cards