Ms. Steinberg's Weekly News

Week of September 12th, 2016

Hello First grade families!

We had another busy week. Take a look at what we learned.

Language Arts

This week we focused on the short a sound and the consonant pattern -ck. We read books such as Jack and Dad Pack and Mack and Tack and played games to practice identifying words with short a and -ck. We took our first word study test. We discussed what pets need before reading Sam, Come Back! a book about a cat. We wrote about what Sam did in our journals. We underlined the verb and noun in the sentence. We had fun learning about verbs by singing and moving! We worked on our handwriting skills such as correct letter formation and neat handwriting that stays within the lines. We haven't started SSR (silent sustained reading) yet but we have been reading a chapter book together every day after lunch. This week we finished reading a fun book called Mr. Granite is from Another Planet. Ask your child what they liked about the book!


We continued to work on addition this week. We started with using the part-part-whole format before moving on to addition number sentences. We discussed what our math vocabulary terms mean such as plus sign, equal sign and sum. We practiced listening to word problems and filling in the addition number sentence. For example: There are two birds in a nest. Two more birds fly to the nest. How many birds are in the nest? Students would write 2+2=4. We learned what happens when you add zero to a number. We got to play some math games on the iPad's as well!


We learned about what the Earth is made of. We charted types of land (plain, hill, mountain) and types of water (lake, river, ocean). Every student made one book about landforms and water. It is in their blue communication folder. I would recommend that you let your child show it off to you first and then, together, discuss what the vocabulary words mean. We will be having a quiz on the material Tuesday. Monday we are going to play a fun landform jeopardy grade with the whole First grade! You can let your child know that we will watch another fun Brainpop when they come back to school too!


-Thank you for coming to Back to School Night and the Movie Night!

-Monday is the Eagles vs. Bears showdown. Your child can dress down (no uniform required) and wear Eagles green to support Mr. Rodia and the Eagles or they can wear orange and blue to support the Bears and Mr. Alaxson!

-Please fill out any forms that you find in your child's blue communication folder and put them back in the folder so I can hand them in to Ms. Lauren at the front desk. Many of you hand them in the next day which is awesome! Thank you, we appreciate the quick turn-around.

-We celebrated Abi's birthday and look forward to celebrating AJ's this week!

-PAC has a meeting this Wednesday the 21st at 6pm. All who are interested are welcome to attend.

-Clubs begin Monday after school

Please email me if you have any questions. Have a fantastic weekend! I'll see you Monday.

Ms. Steinberg