Growth Of Japanese Culture

Distinctive Japanese Arts- Summary By Katie Napier

Calligraphy And Painting

The Japanese used brushes and ink for writing utensils. They painted each object by stroking the brush. The art of beautiful writing is called calligraphy, they thought of it as a way to express beauty.The painting started in the 600s, and the details are very complex. A short description can be found on the art.

Flower Arranging and Gardening

The Buddhists brought the art of flower arranging. They used Bonsai in their gardens, and is the art of small trees in pots. They used the art of the zen-influenced gardens to represent nature and helps people think.
Tengoku (Heaven) - Painting Video - Contemporary Art | Japanese Art | Fine Art | Wall Art

Essential Question: What themes are reflected in Japanese arts?

How did Japanese culture reflect an interest in natural beauty?