Preschool Early Release Notice

Dates: 10/19 - 10/27

Thank you for trusting us with your preschooler. As you’ve noticed we’re expanding our facilities to better care for all the families that currently call, and will call Christ Fellowship their church / Preschool home in the future.

The safety of your child is our highest priority. There are aspects of the construction program that have recently come to our attention however that cannot be accomplished outside of our school hours and so:

We will be shortening the preschool day to the hours of 9:00 am to 12:30 pm for the next seven school days beginning tomorrow Thurs 10/19 thru Fri 10/27. If this time frame changes we will keep you informed. Children still need to bring snack and lunch, nap mats will not be needed. With the preschool hours being shortened, we will not be offering stay and play on Tues/Wed Oct. 24/25.

We have incredibly strong construction partners who have demonstrated great flexibility in mitigating the disruption that comes with any building program. We’ve tried to shift the construction time to the evening but have city ordinances that prevent us from performing the necessary work in the time available to us. Because of the noise and vibration issues related to this specific work we did not feel it is safe for your children to be in the building while this work was in progress.

Thank you for your grace and understanding. We realize this is an inconvenience for you and sincerely apologize for that. We will be adding days at the end of the school year at no charge to make up for the hours lost during this phase of construction.

Thank you for your grace and understanding.

David Klippert-Rowe

Children’s Pastor


Karen Stein

Preschool Director