Mrs. Ray's Pre-K Weekly Newsletter

Week 5: September 25 - 29


COMMUNITY HELPERS - September 25 - 29

This week we will be talking about Community Helpers. We want to show the kids how the people in our Lubbock Community help each other, as well as, that each job is equally important. Talk to your baby about YOUR jobs and how they are important to our community!!!!

SUBSTITUE - September 25 - 29

I am going to be gone all next week so there will be a substitute in my place. Of course, MRS. STEVENS will be there so the kids will have a familiar face to greet them and to run the class day smoothly! I wanted you to be aware that there would also be a substitute in the room so that you could talk to your baby about the importance of listening to all adults and that they will have a fun, happy, safe learning week!

Other Items/Dates to put on your upcoming September Calendars:

Wednesday, September 27 - CPTO Teacher Luncheon in Teacher's Lounge 11:00 - 1:30

Friday, September 29 - LCP vs. Clovis @ LCP Stadium 7:00


This Week's Theme: Community Helpers & Transportation


  • M: PE (Black Gym)
  • T: Library
  • W: Music
  • Th: PE (Red Gym)
  • F: Art

- REMEMBER - Tennis Shoes are REQUIRED on PE days


  • Letter: Capital and Lower case Cc
  • Fine Motor Skills - Stickers
  • Nursery Rhyme: Row, Row, Row Your Boat
  • Building/Tracing/Writing Names
  • Calendar Routine
  • AB Pattern
  • Number: 0
  • Color: RED
  • Shape: Circle

Science / Social Studies

  • Community Helpers
  • Types of Transportation
  • sorting and graphing
  • Personal Safety: Holding Hands & Looking Both Ways
ABC Song: The Letter C, "Crazy For C" by StoryBots
Circle Song | Circle Shapes | I'm A Circle | Circles | Educational Songs | Jack Hartmann
Mat Man Learn Body Awareness and preparation for writing

Mat Man Explanation

We use "Mat Man" to learn how to draw all the body parts...and then it leads into forming our letters correctly. For example: Mat Man's leg can make the letter L, or is head can be O or C, etc.

Cookies on Fridays

On Fridays only, PK students will have the opportunity to purchase a cookie from the cafeteria for 25 cents. They can purchase a cookie whether they buy their lunch or bring their lunch. If you choose for your child to purchase a cookie on Fridays you will either need to have money in their lunch account or send a quarter in a baggie (with their name written on baggie) AND write a note in planner for Friday that they are allowed to purchase a cookie.

All About Us

We are a classroom full of 3 year old first time Pre-Kers that are always doing fun, artsy, creative learning! We love to dance, sing, create, and learn.