What Tsunamis do to the enviroment and people.


A Tsunami is a series of ocean waves that are caused when plates in the ocean floor shift or move apart.Tsunami waves can be meters high or end up only being a little wave since the plates that moved can be deep in the ocean.

Tsunamis are jerks

Tsunamis effect the land by destroying houses,land forms, stores, and other important things needed. Tsunamis also effect our water and backs up our sewer system, making our water unsafe to drink.For example, In Tohoku,Japan in 2011 a Tsunami caused an oil spill, making it unsafe to drink the water and destroyed peoples' houses.It also caused people to not have much time build many houses, so it made it hard to survive.

Emotional Pain

Tsunamis effect people by making them not have a home, food, water, and possibly anymore family.Which could lead into emotional scars and suicide. People then also need to pay to rebuild their houses,have food, and stuff for their children.

What happens and where it happens

In Texas you would most likely see Tsunamis in the Coastal Plains region than any other region. The Tsunamis erode the dirt and houses and practically anything it can get it's hold on and carry it out to sea. Also Tsunamis can drop stuff somewhere else, like a ship ontop of a house.

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