some of my bests

elements of composition

Mathew Brady

one of the very first photojournalists, he was very well known for his images of the after effects of civil war battles. He was born may 18, in 1822, and died in january 15, 1896

he was often referred as 'the father of photojournalism'.

His photos impacted the society showing them the effects of war.

he made daguerreotype photos, and had taken about 10,000 pictures in his lifetime

how to operate a camera

first you need to put in a sd card by opening the battery compartment (here you can put in batteries as well) and putting the sd card in the slot labeled for the sd card

then turn it on by using the sliding button on the left side of the camera

to actually take pictures there is a silver button on the left side

to zoom in you use the sliding button thats on the button that takes the pictures

there is a certain way to hold it, and to do that you keep your hand under the lens, it keeps it steady and makes it harder to drop, to view photos, press the button that looks like a play button, it will take you to a gallery with the photos you've taken

to go into macro/super macro (taking really close up pictures) press the flower power, press it again for super macro, and once more to turn macro off

my 6 best

alphabet project

Big image

5 frame photo story

law and ethics in photojournalism

three laws in photojournalism,

1. do not publish a photo that has nothing to do with the story

2. do not publish any story or photo that can ruin someones reputation

3. do not make up any stories, do not lie, it can get you into legal trouble and it ruins your reputation


In this class i learned to operate a camera properly, the laws that go into taking a photo for a story, and even how dangerous the job can be depending on where your told to take pictures.

The project i liked the most was the 5 frame story, I'm really good at making up a story on the spot, so it was easier for me then others, I also liked working in photoshop, i liked playing with the color setting and brightness.

I truly didn't like doing humans of fossil ridge, i have trouble talking to people and due to my shyness, and its hard to just make up questions. i feel photography is nice, but its not for me, id rather draw a picture then take it, but i have learned it can be a dangerous, thrilling, or even scary its not just taking a picture as i had originally thought.