Ernest Hemingway

Jonmichael Moser

20 facts

1. He was a failed KGB spy

2.He took a urinal from his favorite bar

3.Survied through a lot of broken bones/sicknesses

4.He killed himself

5.charged with crimes when he took control of a french milita

6.he had a six toed cat

7.he would shoot sharks with machine guns when they messed with the fish

8.He helped a man out with his problem

9.He slept with a bear

10.he kept a daily word count on cardboard

11. got a Nobel peace prize

12. was a novelist

13. he had 4 wife's

14. he has 3 children

15. his mother made him dress up as a girl

16. he survived four cars crashes and two plane crashes

17.he punched a man who gave his book a bad review