January 7, 2016

Dear 1st Grade Star Parents,

Happy New Year and welcome back. We hope your family had a fun and restful holiday.

Here are some events coming up soon in first grade.

  • Spelling Tests: Each Friday in our second semester, first grade students will have a spelling test reviewing the week's spelling pattern. The words on the test might not be the exact words on the list but will follow the pattern. For instance, your child's teacher will say, "If you can spell might, you can spell night". Research has shown that mere memorization of 10 words per week does not necessarily guarantee that the words will be remembered the next week. However, teaching word patterns does has a longer-lasting effect. A dictation sentence will also be included which will contain words from our word wall. Please contact us, if you have any questions.
  • Science Fair: Projects are due on January 13. No late entries will be accepted. As a reminder, all rules must be followed as outlined in the Science Fair handbook. Your child can bring their project to school with them on January 13th. Parents can come and view the Science Fair on January 14th from 2:30-3:30 and January 15th from 8-2. Projects will be sent home with your child on January 15th.
  • College Week: College Week will be the week of Monday, January 11th-Friday, January 15th. Your child brought home a paper doll to work on over winter break. Please help your child to decorate their doll like the career they wish to have when they grow up. Also, please have them cut out their doll and put their name on the back before turning it in. You can also find the daily themes for College Week located in the attachment sent in the email.


  • Math- We are beginning our study of geometry and are focussing on 2D, or plane, shapes. Students are learning mathematical vocabulary, such as, "vertex," "vertices," "angles," and shape names.
  • Language Arts/Social Studies- We have enjoyed sharing different celebrations from our cultures. It is so fun learning about everyone's differences. This week we are reading various stories about children around the world and discussing how children and schools are similar and different.
  • Science- We have started a new Engineering Unit. The unit focuses on becoming an engineer. The question that we will be trying to answer is "How can we design a wall using rocks and a mortar mixture?". Because science and engineering projects are hands-on, materials are often needed. Several materials necessary for this unit are listed below, and if you have any of these materials available, your donation would be greatly appreciated. The materials we are in need of are: rocks, clay powder, ceramic tiles, paper plates, plastic spoons, and sand (Please send any of these items to school as soon as possible). Thank you for your support.

Important Dates

  • January 11-29: TPRI testing
  • Wednesday, January 13th: Science Fair Projects Due
  • Monday, January 18: MLK holiday, NO SCHOOL

View our first grade website by clicking the following link:


Mrs. Cordell

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Mrs. Mason, Team Leader

Twitter: @SkaggsMrsMason

Mrs. Beattie

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