Mrs. Reves' 3rd Grade News

Rochester Elementary

Field Trip Coming Up! by Bob

The 3rd grade class will be buddying up with their 5th grade friends to take a trip to the Mulvane Art Lab at the Washburn campus. The trip will take place next Friday in the morning. The classes will be back to school by lunch time.

A Note From Mrs. Reves

Remember how cursive looked when WE went to school? Well, you may notice a difference between that and what your child is learning. Rochester uses the program Handwriting Without Tears. It is an easier transition from print to cursive. I am sending home a copy of the alphabet so that you can see what they are learning. Please don't try to change what is being taught at school. I think it's harder for us than them!

Aldersgate Village Pen Pals by Jon

Student of the Week News

Weekly News by Carrie

This week we had to have inside recess because it rained. We started reading a new book about bugs. In Science we are learning about animals and looked for them outside with a hand lens.