Life with Siblings

Here are some tips for homes with siblings!

1. New Sibling: A new child joins the family

  • When a new child comes home, talk to the older child about how they will have an important position as an older sibling.

  • Make your older child feel important, provide a special toy/item so that the older child can feel important.

  • Let child pick out clothing for, or help feed, the new baby.

New Baby

2. Property: Siblings fight over property, and being alone.

  • With older children, don't always play referee, help them come up with a solution, when they compromise they should be praised.

  • Recognize that the kids are individuals and make sure they have independence.

  • Remember that your kids have different likes and dislikes. Make sure that each child has to have some time to do what they want and be independent.

  • Encourage siblings work together to accomplish goals.

Arguments over Property

3. Attention: Siblings fight to get their parents’ attention.

  • Try to spend the same amount of time with each child.

  • Make a schedule for the amount of time you spend with each child.


Bottom Line

Even though they may fight all their lives...Siblings teach each other conflict resolution, conflict avoidance, confidence, and compromise. Arguments may be hard to hear, but they are helpful to the way children grow up.