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Back to School...

This year's back to school is unlike any other back to school we can remember. Not only are we in the midst of COVID and racial unrest across our country--we are now dealing with wildfires that are threatening our homes and the homes of our loved ones. Many of you may know someone who has lost their home or had to evacuate. We are all stuck inside with the hazardous conditions outside and we know it all seems so overwhelming sometimes. We want you to know that we understand the stress you might be feeling right now--and it can feel hard to know how to help your student start off the school year with success in such an unknown time. We want to remind you that we are here to support you and are working hard to ensure your child gets the best possible Distance Learning experience. Reach out to us with any needs you have and we will partner with you to problem solve and work together. We are a team and together, we can make this back to school the best it can be.

We hope this newsletter serves as a place for you to find resources that are helpful and to also be in the know of what kinds of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) your child will be receiving. Please keep reading to find out more about Social Emotional Lessons that Mrs. Hargrave and Mrs. Gotfried will be teaching each Wednesday.

Please contact us to connect via email, phone, or zoom.

Emily Gotfried -School Counselor

Susan Hargrave - Student Success Coach

Take good care, Findley Community.


Emily Gotfried and Susan Hargrave

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Wednesday Social Emotional Learning (SEL) with Mrs. Hargrave and Mrs. Gotfried!

What will Wednesday SEL Lessons look like for my child?

Each week Mrs. Hargrave and Mrs. Gotfried will be sharing a lesson with either K-2 students or 3-5 students. This means your student will receive a live SEL lesson every other week! We will be sharing a short lesson with your child's grade level, then students will be able to go onto Seesaw or Canvas (whatever platform their teacher is using) and access an activity to go along with the lesson. On the weeks your student isn't live on Zoom with us, there will be a SEL lesson linked for them either on Seesaw or Canvas. We can't wait to see your child every other Wednesday!

Here is the schedule for the next two weeks. The first lesson your child will have is an introduction to us and what to expect each week from us. We hope to see them there! Look for the Zoom link coming from your child's teacher as part of their Wednesday schedule.

September 16th:

9:30-10:00 3rd Grade with Mrs. Gotfried

9:30-10:00 5th Grade with Mrs. Hargrave

10:15-10:45 4th Grade with Mrs. Gotfried

September 23rd:

9:30-9:50 Kindergarten with Mrs. Gotfried

9:30-10:00 2nd Grade with Mrs. Hargrave

10:15-10:45 1st Grade with Mrs. Gotfried

We will share themes of future lessons and ways to support your child's learning in our next Newsletter. Stay tuned!


2020 is... a lot. It can be hard to know how to approach such BIG topics like COVID, racism, and now...wildfires/natural disasters. Here is a tip sheet to help adults know where to start with talking to kids about these things and some ideas on how to build resiliency and coping skills during times of high stress.

Talking to Kids about Scary Events

Coping Strategies for Times of High Stress:

Great Ideas to Help Make Distance Learning a Success!

Take good care, Findley Community.

Beautiful Relaxing Music for Stress Relief * Relax, Sleep, Meditate, Study (High Above)