NLHS Special Update

14 January 2015

End of the First Semester

Due to the calamity days during the first half of January, the end of the second grading period (and first semester) has been moved to January 23. Grade cards will now be sent home on January 30.

Semester exams for high school courses (including 8th grade Algebra 1) have also been moved. Exams will now take place January 21-23.

Click here for the updated high school exam schedule.

Due to the change in the first semester closing date, the third grading period will be adjusted as well. The third grading period will now end on April 2, with grade cards being sent home on April 10.

Blizzard Bags

As of Monday, January 12, we have used our fifth and final calamity day. For the next three calamity days (days 6-8) we will use our Blizzard Bags. Blizzard Bags will be available online, but printed copies will be available as well for students who may not have internet access available at home.

Blizzard bags will be due two weeks after the calamity day occurred.

If we surpass 8 calamity days, the following is our plan to make up days on the following dates:

  • February 16
  • April 2

If we surpass 10 calamity days, we will begin making up days at the end of the year.