An Introduction

Howdy there, the name's Calcium! I'm 207 years old and I was isolated by a man named Humphry Davy in 1808. While I'm younger then I look; I'm the most mature member of my family (probably). It was already this time that the Periodic Table was first being made.

My atomic number is 20 and my atomic mass is 40.078. My electron configuration is (1s(2) 2s(2) 2p(6) 3s(2) 3p(6) 4s(2). The reason is because my atomic number is '20' and as such, 20 is the result of numbers when done with the 'ladder' formula. Please check the rest of my Smore to learn more about me.

Lewis Dot Diagram

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Family History

My family is called the 'Alkaline Earth Metals'. My family is a pretty decent size; with Beryllium (Be),Magnesium (Mg) ,Calcium (Ca) (also me!), Strontium (Sr), Barium (Ba), and finally Radium (Ra). We have two loosely bound Valence Electrons so that means we are the second most reactive family out there. We are all natural elements, which means that we can be found in nature.

We all have relatively low densities, melting points, and boiling points. We are silver colored and rather soft. Weirdly enough, however Beryl just doesn't like to get along with H2O.

Every single member of my family (every single member in my collum) has two valance electrons. Every one else has either one less, or more valance electrons than us.

General Need to Knows

On the periodic table I can be found in the fourth period, in the second group/column; in the Alkaline Earth Metals family.

Electronegativity: 100 on the Pauling scale
1st Ionization: 589.8 kJ/mol
Atomic Radius: 197 pm
Ionic Radius: 2+/144

Because I only have two valence electrons I would be able to bond perfectly with an element that has six valence electrons. The max amount of electrons can only be eight, and as such nothing would need to change.

As a character I own a milk factory. The milk factory distributes milk into bottles so that people at the store can purchase the milk. I am very fascinated by He-Man and the Dr.Skeletor character and skeletons in general. Not very creepy mind you, after all I help those bones day after day!

I'm a couch potato, but I do occasionally like to go outside to smell the roses. I am polite (most of the time) and I like having casual fun and making puns. But I don't like car puns, they tire me out.