Home Education in Titusville, FL

Come Hear about the amazing programs available near you!

Attend our Informational Meeting on Thursday, January 22nd

Learn how Classical Conversations helps homeschooling families walk out a strong Christian education that teaches children not just "what" to learn but "how" to learn!

Discover how you can begin preparing your children for college from the very beginning! (And have FUN doing it!)

Grow to understand how combining a Biblical Worldview and the Classical Model of learning is one of the most effective ways to teach a child.

"Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a FIRE! ~W.B.Yeats

Whether you have children "ahead, behind, or right on target," you will find that Classical Conversations uses the "Classical Tools of Learning/Trivium" to help meet each persons needs individually. You children will flourish academically and spiritually while having fun and making friends! (And you will too!)

Info Meeting in Titusville!

Thursday, Jan. 22nd, 6:30-8pm

2801 Tropic Street

Titusville, FL

Meet in the "Faith Cafe" parking in the XXX side of the building.

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  • 6:30pm Welcome!
  • Explain Classical Christian Education
  • Explain Biblical Worldview & the Trivium
  • Explain the Classical Conversations Programs (Elementary - High School)
  • Discuss what a Community is and how it works...it's great!
  • How does the parent get equipped for Home Education?
  • More Q&A time
  • 8:00pm End

Contact: Melanie Casper

I would love to know that you are planning to come...even if it's at the last minute...it really helps me get ready and have enough materials ready to serve you. Looking forward to meeting you!