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Week of March 8, 2021 (6-8 Students Return!)

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A Message From The Principal

Dear Henry Families,

We hope you enjoyed the pleasant weekend. The K-5 hybrids students were very happy to return to school this past week. It was great to see more students back in the building and their smiling faces. We know it’s going to take a lot more time to get back to a pre-pandemic learning environment but it was a major step forward. This week, our 6-8 hybrid students return so it will be the next phase as students return to in-school instruction.

You may have read the CPS email which shares the following information for opt-in for the 4th quarter.

  • Beginning Monday, all CPS families, who have not yet returned to schools in-person, will be able to opt-in for a return later this year. The opt-in window will be available to students in all grades (grades Pre-K through 12) and will remain open for two weeks. Opt-in forms will be sent directly to parents, and this will be the final opportunity to choose in-person learning this school year.

  • Opt-In for Students in Pre-K, Elementary, and Cluster Programs: As promised earlier this year, families who have not yet returned to classrooms will be able to return Monday , April 19 — the first day of the 4th-quarter. Families who are already enrolled in classroom-based learning will not need to fill out the intent form to remain in-person.

After this week, we will have welcomed back about 100 students. While we have no idea how many students will opt-in for the 4th quarter, the smaller number of students returning in phase 2 has allowed us to implement our safety protocols in a manageable way.

We would like to formally welcome our new Prek assistant Claudia Barajas. Ms. Ramos took a leave of absence to complete her student teaching experience. We wish her the best as she works toward getting her teaching license. Additionally, we have hired two cadre teachers: Whitney Warner and Sophia Gardner.

We also want to remind parents that if you need to conduct any business at Henry, please go to our main entrance at door #2 on St. Louis Ave. Currently volunteers are not allowed. Thank you for understanding.

Please feel free to email us with any clarifications needed.

Excited to see our Hybrid PreK-8 students back in the building.

Juan Gutierrez, Principal


Mary Ann Reynolds, Assistant Principal


Lora Abraham, Assistant Principal


What's New?

Friendly Reminders For Our Hybrid Students (In Principal's Message last week)

Message from CPS (4th Quarter Opt-In Window for PreK -12 to Launch Monday) (NEW!)

CPS Proposing An Earlier Start to the 2021-22 School Year (NEW!)

Google 101 Workshop For Parents (3/8/21 and 3/10/21) (NEW!)

P-EBT Benefit Cards (From CPS) (same information as last week)

(Be sure your address is updated at the school!)

CPS Health Screener Information (same information as last week)

Important Hybrid/In-Person Reminders (same information as last week)

Reopening Videos (seen in previous Henry Hawk News)

Counselor's Corner (NEW!)

Friendly Reminders For Our Hybrid Students

Here are a few SUPER IMPORTANT reminders that need to be followed:

1. Complete the health screener BEFORE you arrive at school. This MUST be done EVERY morning before you can enter the building.

2. If you have a device at home that is from Henry you MUST bring it with you. Don't forget your charger, too!!!

3. Line up outside on the black top behind the Main Building. You'll see your homeroom number on the ground and dots to stand on to help keep you properly distanced. Don't arrive too early because you can't enter the Main Building until 8:15am.

4. INDOOR ARRIVAL: If it is raining you will enter through the auditorium and wait for the bell. Grades K-2 will wait in the cafeteria and grades PreK will wait in their classrooms.

5. Students are dismissed at 3:15pm. Please be prompt when picking your students up.

That's it for now :) We can't wait to see you on Monday. Get a good night's rest this weekend and be ready for a great rest of the school year!

Aquí hay algunos recordatorios SÚPER IMPORTANTES que deben seguirse:

1. Complete el examen de salud ANTES de llegar a la escuela. Esto DEBE hacerse TODAS las mañanas antes de que pueda ingresar al edificio.

2. Si tiene un dispositivo en casa que es de Henry, DEBE traerlo con usted. ¡No olvides tu cargador también!

3. Alinee afuera en la parte superior negra detrás del edificio principal. Verá su número de salón en el suelo y puntos sobre los que pararse para ayudarlo a mantenerse adecuadamente distanciado. No llegue demasiado temprano porque no puede ingresar al edificio principal hasta las 8:15 am.

4. LLEGADA A INTERIOR: Si está lloviendo entrará por el auditorio y esperará el timbre. Los grados K-2 esperarán en la cafetería y los grados PreK esperarán en sus salones de clases.

5. Los estudiantes salen a las 3:15 pm. Por favor sea puntual al recoger a sus estudiantes.

Eso es todo por ahora :) No podemos esperar a verte el lunes. ¡Descanse bien este fin de semana y prepárese para un gran resto del año escolar!

We encourage you to review the Reopening Videos. We will link the videos below.

Fourth Quarter Opt-In Window for Pre-K-12 to Launch Monday

Dear Families,

Chicago neighborhoods came alive this week as thousands of students in kindergarten through fifth grade returned to school for the first time in nearly a year. The excitement on their faces was infectious, and their voices brought a level of energy that has been absent from our schools for far too long.

We are thrilled to finally offer our families the option for a safe return to in-person learning, and we look forward to welcoming back students in grades 6-8 this Monday, March 8.

Beginning Monday, all CPS families, who have not yet returned to schools in-person, will be able to opt-in for a return later this year. The opt-in window will be available to students in all grades (grades Pre-K through 12) and will remain open for two weeks. Opt-in forms will be sent directly to parents, and this will be the final opportunity to choose in-person learning this school year.

  • Opt-In for Students in Pre-K, Elementary, and Cluster Programs: As promised earlier this year, families who have not yet returned to classrooms will be able to return Monday , April 19 — the first day of the 4th-quarter. Families who are already enrolled in classroom-based learning will not need to fill out the intent form to remain in-person.
  • Opt-In for High School and Academic Center Students: For the first time, families in grades 9-12, as well as students in high school academic centers, will also be asked to decide if they want to return to classrooms this year.

The district is actively meeting with the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) to establish a plan for the return of high school students and staff, and we will be engaging students and families in the days ahead. No return date has been set and the specific learning model used in high schools remains under discussion, but we hope students will be able to return to school as early as mid-April. We are asking families to tell us their learning preference now so that we can ensure we have the necessary staffing and classroom models in place to safely support all interested high school students.

Just like in our elementary schools, CPS high schools will follow a strict set of health and safety protocols, upon reopening, including required face-coverings and social distancing. Our high schools will also be provided with the air purifiers, hand sanitizer, and enhanced cleaning practices that have allowed CPS to safely reopen our elementary schools for in-person learning.

To give families additional opportunities to learn about our plans and provide input, we are scheduling two virtual parent townhalls — one for elementary and one for high school— in the next two weeks:

  • High School Town Hall: Wednesday, March 10, from 5-6:30 p.m. (Register HERE)
  • Elementary School Town Hall: Tuesday, March 16, from 5-6:30 p.m. (Register HERE)

We will also be engaging students in the weeks ahead to ensure their perspective is heard as our planning moves forward.

We look forward to seeing you at our town halls and thank you for your continued support as we work to provide all students with the high-quality education they deserve, no matter where they are learning.


Janice K. Jackson, EdD Chief Executive Officer

LaTanya D. McDade Chief Education Officer

Chicago Public Schools

Estimada familia de CPS:

Los vecindarios de Chicago cobraron vida esta semana cuando miles de estudiantes de kínder al 5.º grado volvieron a la escuela por primera vez en casi un año. El entusiasmo en sus rostros era contagioso, y sus voces aportaron un nivel de energía que ha estado ausente en nuestras escuelas por mucho tiempo.

Nos emociona poder finalmente ofrecer a nuestros estudiantes la opción de un regreso seguro al aprendizaje presencial, y esperamos también darles la bienvenida a los de 6.º a 8.º grado este lunes, 8 de marzo.

A partir del lunes, todos los estudiantes, que todavía no han regresado a las clases presenciales, podrán optar por ellas este año. Esta opción estará disponible para los estudiantes de pre-K a 12.º grado por dos semanas. Se enviarán formularios directamente a los padres para que confirmen la asistencia de sus hijos, y esta será la última oportunidad de optar por este modelo de aprendizaje para este año escolar.

  • Estudiantes de pre-k, primaria y cluster: Como se prometió a principios de este año, los estudiantes ahora podrán regresar el lunes 19 de abril — el primer día del cuarto trimestre. Los estudiantes que ya están inscritos en el aprendizaje presencial no tendrán que rellenar el formulario nuevamente.
  • Estudiantes de secundaria y centros académicos: Por primera vez, se les pedirá a los estudiantes de 9.º a 12.º grado, de secundaria y de centros académicos si también desean regresar este año.

El distrito se está reuniendo de manera activa con el Sindicato de Maestros de Chicago (CTU) para establecer un plan de reapertura dirigido a los estudiantes y el personal de escuelas secundarias. Para ello, también incorporaremos la participación de los estudiantes y las familias en los próximos días. No se ha fijado ninguna fecha de regreso y el modelo de aprendizaje específico utilizado en las escuelas secundarias sigue siendo objeto de debate. Sin embargo, esperamos que los estudiantes puedan volver a partir de mediados de abril. Pedimos a las familias que nos digan su preferencia de aprendizaje ahora para que podamos contar con suficiente personal y con los modelos de aula necesarios para impartir clases de manera segura.

Al igual que en nuestras escuelas primarias, tras la reapertura, las de secundarias también seguirán estrictos protocolos de salud y seguridad, incluyendo exigir el uso de las mascarillas y el distanciamiento social. También se les proporcionará purificadores de aire, desinfectante de manos, y deberán cumplir con las prácticas de limpieza mejoradas, que han permitido la reapertura segura de nuestras escuelas primarias.

Para que las familias obtengan más información sobre nuestros planes y aporten su comentarios, hemos programado dos reuniones virtuales — una para escuelas primarias y la otra para secundarias— para las próximas dos semanas:

  • Reunión para escuelas primarias: Miércoles 10 de marzo, de 5 a 6:30 p.m. (Regístrese AQUÍ)
  • Reunión para escuelas secundarias: Martes 16 de marzo, de 5 a 6:30 p.m. (Regístrese AQUÍ)

También incorporaremos la participación de los estudiantes y las familias en los próximos días para asegurar que su perspectiva sea escuchada mientras nuestros planes avanzan.

Esperamos su participación, y le agradecemos por su continuo apoyo mientras trabajamos para proporcionar a todos los estudiantes la educación de alta calidad que merecen, sin importar dónde estén aprendiendo.


Janice K. Jackson, EdD Directora Ejecutiva

LaTanya D. McDade Directora de Educación

Escuelas Públicas de Chicago

CPS Proposing An Earlier Start to the 2021-22 School Year

Proposing An Earlier Start to the 2021-22 School Year

To help mitigate learning loss among our students, and to ensure CPS high school students have more time to prepare for their critical SAT, AP, and IB exams, we are proposing that the 2021-22 school year begin on Monday, August 30 rather than on Tuesday, September 7, when school would traditionally begin. This change will be presented to the Chicago Board of Education at its March 24th meeting, and we encourage you to offer feedback on this proposal.

Propuesta para un inicio más temprano del año escolar 2021-22

CPS propone que el año escolar 2021-22 comience el 30 de agosto, en lugar del 7 de septiembre, lo cual es una semana antes de la fecha habitual. Esto tiene como objetivo mitigar la pérdida de clases y proporcionar a los estudiantes de secundaria tiempo de preparación adicional para sus exámenes críticos SAT, AP e IB. Este cambio será presentado a la Junta de Educación de Chicago en su reunión del 24 de marzo, y le animamos a que aporte sus comentarios sobre ello.

Google 101 Workshops for Parents

Google 101 Workshop (Spanish)

Monday, March 8th, 4:30pm

Complete Form Below

Google 101 Workshop (English)

Wednesday, March 10th, 5pm

Complete Form Below

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P-EBT Benefit Cards (From CPS)

As part of the U.S. government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all CPS students are now eligible for food benefits as a result of the Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT). Through P-EBT, eligible school children receive temporary emergency nutrition benefits in the form of funds loaded on an EBT card that can be used like a debit card to purchase food at any grocery store that accepts Link cards.

All CPS students, regardless of income or citizenship status, are eligible for P-EBT. Families will receive P-EBT cards automatically and do not need to complete an application. Each child will receive their own card mailed to their primary address in Aspen. Please ensure your address is up to date in order to receive this benefit.

Cards will be mailed in March and should arrive in an unmarked envelope. Families should keep their P-EBT card because future benefits will continue to be loaded onto the same card.

For additional information on this program, please view the FAQs, call the Healthy CPS Hotline at 773-553-KIDS or complete the Healthy CPS Encounter form.

Estimadas familias de CPS:

Debido a la pandemia del COVID-19, el gobierno federal ha permitido que todos los estudiantes de CPS reciban beneficios de alimentos, bajo el programa de Transferencia Electrónica de Beneficios por Pandemia (P-EBT). A través del mismo, los estudiantes elegibles reciben temporalmente beneficios de emergencia en forma de fondos que se cargan en una tarjeta EBT, que puede utilizarse como una tarjeta de débito para comprar alimentos en cualquier tienda que acepte tarjetas Link.

Todos los estudiantes de CPS, independientemente de sus ingresos o estado de ciudadanía, califican para el P-EBT. No se requiere presentar una solicitud para recibir la tarjeta, y la misma será enviada por correo a cada estudiante a la dirección principal registrada en Aspen. Asegúrese de que su dirección esté actualizada para poder recibir este beneficio.

La tarjeta se enviará durante marzo en un sobre sin marcar. Las familias deben guardarla, ya que se seguirá cargando los futuros fondos en la misma tarjeta.

Para obtener información adicional sobre este programa, lea estas preguntas frecuentes, llame a la línea directa de Healthy CPS al 773-553-KIDS, o complete este formulario de Healthy CPS para solicitar asistencia.

CPS Health Screener Information

Health Screener: Now is the time to set up a new morning schedule that includes completing the health screener by 8 am each morning your child is scheduled to enter the building. We all need to answer the screener truthfully to help keep students, staff, and families safe.

Below are ways that you can access the Health Screener.

  • Option 1: Click the button "CPS Health Screener". This will take you to the direct link.
  • Option 2: Log into Parent Portal to receive your child's personalized Health Screener Link via text message (See directions in the diagram below.)

CPS Health Screener

Daily Health Screenings Chicago Public Schools is requiring all students, employees, and visitors to complete a daily COVID-19 health screener prior to arriving at any CPS school or facility. Must be completed daily when students return.

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Important Hybrid/In-Person Reminders

Travel Reminder:

We want to remind families who are planning to return in-person of CPS' policy on travel. If you travel internationally or to a state with widespread COVID transmission as indicated in the Chicago Emergency Travel Order you are required to quarantine for 10 days and your student will fail the health screener, which will deny entry to the building. We appreciate every family's commitment to these guidelines to keep our learning community safe.


Please make sure to wear a mask every day that you are on Henry School grounds. This includes students, staff, and family members. This week is a great time to begin increasing the amount of time each student wears their mask. We also ask that students returning bring an extra mask just in case. We will have extra masks at school as well. Thank you for your cooperation!

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Reopening Videos: Please View In Preparation for Return

Henry School Safety Protocols
Health Screener and Care Room
Attendance, Arrival, Dismissal
Classroom, Restroom, Lunch & Recess

Counselor's Corner

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Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone had a great week and the transition this week went smoothly for everyone. CPS is offering workshops for parents every Monday at 4pm. The theme of the workshops is Supporting the Whole Child: Health and Wellness Sessions to better support our youth. Topics include COVID protocol, contact tracing, mental health, sexual health, physical activity, nutrition, vision and screen time, asthma, and family benefits. I have attached the flyers.

Here is the link to sign up: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc6w8KURRn3RNmcZADeceQlUWxYB2Yy88BW4oXwpU6NL_5LTQ/viewform

As a reminder, I want to make sure this information is meeting your needs, so please complete this survey as soon as you can:


If you ever need anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. The best way to reach me is by email: mgarfinkel@cps.edu

Have a great week,

Mrs. Garfinkel

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Patrick Henry School

Stay Well,

Mr. Gutierrez, Ms. Reynolds, and Mrs. Abraham