Electromagnetic Industries Co.

Proprietors: Max Kirking and Nick Meszaros

100 Years of Innovation

For over one hundred years the dedicated scientists at Electromagnetic Industries Co. have been developing new state of the art products that makes use of technology granted by electromagnetic induction. Every year new inventions are released thanks to the dedication of our research and talent of our hard working scientists. We strive to bring you the best gadgets that fulfill all of your electromagnetic needs.

Our State of the Art Products

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Mon-Fri: 12:30 am- 11:30 pm

Sat: 8:00 am- 8:15 am

Sun: Closed


Jamie- "Great all around store, loved the location and the prices were spot on with what I could afford!"

Hans- "The Personal Northern Lights was the best investment of my life! I live by the equator and with the power to have the Northern Lights at the tip of my fingers, I'm pullin' all the babes ;) "

Taylor Swift- "I buy all of my musical equipment from Electromagnetic Industries Co., top of their microphones are the best out there and I refuse to use microphones from anyone else!"

Capt. Jack Sparrow- "Last year I upgraded my compass from the old nasty one I usually use, to the state-of-the-art compasses produced my Electromagnetic Industries Co. These compasses are proudly endorsed by me, and if you think that's not important, 'You forgot one important thing... I'm Captain Jack Sparrow.'"

*only one ticket per person per day. crane may or may not be defective. use at your own risk. obtained by illegal measures

**actual amount of electromagnetic field may vary. likely amount captured is very small. going price of electromagnetic field is $0.10 per full electric outlet storage. full storage takes approximately 1 year