Tiffany :)

What is humor (the book genre)

Humor is actually hard to describe but I'll define it anyways, :). Okay, Humor is a genre for anything like books or movies but in this case it's for book. we all need a good laugh now and then right? Those who don't like to laugh..........somethings wrong with you. In other words humor the genre by itself is just like a comic book or a normal humor book which entertains us. :)

What about romace?

The Romance Genre is basically a lovey dovey story most likely featuring a man and a woman falling in love. Most girls love to read romances or fanfics, but on the other hand guys don't like love stories. Romantic stories usually have a man and a woman in love and then a conflict happens and then, whalah! the plot begins. At the ending of romance stories it usually leaves you happy ,sad, mixed emotions or just a weird feeling in you.

Science Fiction

Science fiction is a genre that entertains us with the future or aliens. Thing that are more advanced in the real world are in science fiction books, like going through time or making weird monsters,

Realistic Fiction

Realistic Fiction is about just a normal story in the future or present time that you never know might or might not happen but it still entertains us and takes us on an adventure!


A biography is when a person makes a book describing a famous person's life. they explain how they grew up, where they were born and much more. biography books also help us learn about a specific person.


looking for mystic and fake yet beautiful creatures? Well fantasy is the right genre for you. This kind of genre includes magical or mythical things like a talking cat or a person with ice powers. Fantasy has characters that are not real. Like unicorns, leprechauns, or elves. These kind of books take us on adventures!


Autobiography is when a famous person writes a book explaining their life and how they grew up. Similar to biography but this time the famous person writes about themselves and their life .

Historical Fiction

Historical fiction is when the author chooses a specific time period to write about but also including their story at the same time, for example the author could have chosen World War 2 as their setting and then they would write about their characters adventure through the specific time period.


Mystery is when the reader wants a book that they solve or the characters , For example the characters are living a normal life and then soon something happens like, Who killed this lady or who robbed the bank? Stories like that which have questions and clues are just mystery books.


If you loved to be scared you'll love thriller books. Thriller includes scary situations sometimes, like there will be a haunted house or something like that. This book genre will sometimes leave you scared, shocking or terrifying feeling in you.


Adventure books are just adventures! They take you places while your reading, you have fun, But at times there can be sad or happy moments in adventure books. Who knows, you could probably learn a lesson from adventure books!