A Christmas Carol

Watch it at the Guthrie theater

The play A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens really gets the audience's attention and I think that you should see it because it gives you a good visual of all the events that happened in the book. First off, the characters were very enjoyable and it made you feel like you were part of their family. For example, when it showed the Christmas party at the Fezziwig's house, it felt very happy and cheerful because the characters were so joyful. I really enjoyed that part because the characters were so heart warming and inviting. Also, the lighting gave a wonderful visual of the feelings that were going on inside the characters and in the scene. For example, when it showed the Christmas dinner and party at Fred's house, the lighting was very bright and happy and it made the scene feel cheerful. Also, the lighting made Scrooge's house seem cold, dark and uninviting. I liked the lighting in the play because it would change depending on the character's mood and the scene's mood. Lastly, the sound was outstanding and it made the important parts very dramatic. For example, when the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come arrived, the noise was excellent and it was loud and powerful. I thought that part of the play was very impressive because the noise was so dramatic. In conclusion, I really enjoyed the play and I think that you should definitely go and see it if you liked the book because it gives great visuals of the characters, events and scenery.

Sacrifices Made

One sacrifice that Scrooge had to make was giving up his selfishness and grumpiness to be a better person. If Scrooge didn't want to be selfish anymore or die alone, then he would have to give up his bad ways. In the end, Scrooge's sacrifice payed off because he was a much better person and people were friendly with him. A sacrifice that I made once was when we had to put my black lab to sleep because he was really old.