AMS Parent Newsletter

December 13th

Dear AMS Families

AMS School Spirit Week

  • Tuesday ~ Flannel, Fleece and Fuzzy Socks Day

  • Wednesday ~ Winter Wonderland - Wear Blue, White and Snowflakes

  • Thursday ~ Holiday Hat / Tacky Sweater Day

  • Friday ~ New Year’s Dress Up Day

Winter Break December 20th ~ January 2nd. See you all on Monday, January 3rd


Upcoming Events this Week

  • Tuesday, December 14th ~ 7th-12th Band Concert @ 6:30pm in the District Theater.

  • Wednesday, December 15th ~ 5th & 6th Winter Band Concert @ 6:30pm in the District Theater

  • Thursday, December 16th ~ AMS Parent Coffee in the Library @ 8:30am. Zoom Link if you want to join from home.

AMS School Wide Behavior Expectations / Agreements

At AMS, we are committed to rebuilding our school community by creating and supporting school wide norms. Our Instructional Leadership Team, consisting of teachers and administrators, has worked to identify school-wide norms to support a positive learning community. With adhering to our school-wide norms, we will have increased learning opportunities, increase safety for students and adults mental and physical health as well as retain our wonderful teachers. This is a collective effort and we ask you to discuss our school-wide norms with your students.

We will continue to reteach our SKIER Traits (Self, Kindness, Integrity, Effort, Respect) as we focus on building a positive learning environment.

  • No eating in the classroom
  • Sips of water with mask kept on
  • Breakfast and lunch for meals
  • Brief, healthy snack breaks mid morning, and mid-afternoon if necessary
  • Healthy snacks / drinks only-no sugar / energy drinks, no candy or glass bottles

TECHNOLOGY USE ~ Phone / Chromebook Damage

  • Chromebook to be in class daily and should be charged at home nightly.
  • If damaged, broken or not working, notify teacher and fill out Google form immediately.
  • Report lost device after checking/retracing steps for the day.
  • Teachers to notify family when problems/damages are noticed with student Chromebook.
  • Phones to be turned off from 8:45am - 3:45pm and given to the teacher upon arrival.
  • Use during day/misuse will result in office storage and parent pickup.
  • School computers for school purpose, not a messaging device.

COMMON AREAS ~ Hallways, cafeteria, playground

  • Keep hands to self; no physical contact.
  • Use indoor voices as appropriate.
  • Move between classes directly and in a timely fashion.
  • Use playground equipment safely, and return equipment to bin after lunch.
  • Greet people in the hallways.


  • Cover your body for school. Clothing should not be revealing.
  • No clothing with references to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, firearms, or offensive language.
  • Shoes on at all times.

ATTENDANCE ~ Tardy / Absences

  • Teachers must take attendance daily, within the first 15 minutes of class.
  • After 3 unexcused tardies, teachers will send student information to Julie or Amy.
  • Truant students will be assigned to community service before / after school.

REPORTS of physical altercations or threats of harm to self or others

  • If student comes to you for help, connect with admin, counselors in a timely manner.
  • Mandatory reporting of suspected abuse / neglect, also notify counselor and admin.


Student medications must go through the health office. There is to be no sharing of any medicine between children at school for safety reasons.