Coding 3

MP4 Week 8

Mona Lisa's Smile

Final Mission!


  • Click HERE to remix The Louvre program to your stuff in Scratch. All the code blocks will be there!
  • If you didn't attend chat, please watch the virtual lesson recording below and follow along by comparing it to the code blocks in the program you just remixed above!
  • You will not be completing this program for submission as we are running out of time! Summer vacation is right around the corner! However, next week in chat we will be discussing some of it's key elements such as how "Broadcast blocks" control program flow.

Virtual Lesson Recording

In this Virtual Lesson Recording we will learn how to:

  • Program the program broadcast and receive blocks to control the flow of a program
  • Revisit how to program a text GUI in Scratch
Virtual Lesson Recording

Watch the recording if you missed chat!

What's next?

Create your own program that includes:
  • At least 1 Broadcast block and 1 Receive block
  • At least 1 Text GUI
  • Share your program in the Scratch Studio: Click HERE
Take the quiz posted in Moodle
  • This quiz will open Tuesday May 31th and close June 5th!

*Remember! You can always click the ? button in Scratch for help!

See you in Cyberspace!