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GE & OIS, Changing the World One Student at a Time


WOW! What a great SEPTEMBER and YESTERDAY of observing you all facilitating learning and watching your campus evolve! Thank you all for your due diligence and for what you've ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED! Kudos to your administrative team as well, and their embracing and learning all about GE Implementation so they can better serve you in your endeavors. Moving through this letter you will see many SHOUT OUTS to specific educators and what is going on in their classrooms, from which we all can benefit. "We are all collectively stronger together, than one, alone." Grow and learn from each other and the feedback I've given you during observations. Again, thank you and I look forward to seeing you again in November.

Coach 'P'


I was never much of an ARTIST...however, if I would have had a caring, loving teacher like Mrs. Ellis, I'm pretty sure I'd be as talented an artist as her budding Rembrandt's! My favorite thing (there were many), was, "Please show the Life Principle of Courtesy to my next class, and leave your area as clean as you found out!" GREAT EXAMPLE of SEAMLESSLY using a LIFE PRINCIPLE to REDIRECT a BEHAVIOR! You say MASTER..I say PIECE!!! Master Piece Master Piece

As you know Coaching and Physical Education are near and dear to my heart...and what a WONDERFUL COACH you have training those young minds and bodies!!! My favorite part of her class was how clear and EVIDENT it is that her PROCEDURES are purposefully taught and understood by her learners! Also, the high level of RESPECT and ESPRIT DE CORPS was very evident! Great Job, Coach Menville, on making your HPER &

Dance Class FUN & PURPOSEFUL & making a large class seem so very small!!!

ALSO......Let's not forget Mrs. Prindle's stellar WORD WALL! (see picture) She not only has the word in a sentence, but the sentence DEFINES the word as well..not to mention it is ALL created by her students! (INVOLVES Pract 4, 8, 10 & 11) KUDOS!!!!

AS WELL AS..Mrs. Russell's..."That's great, now prove it!" "What evidence do you have to back it up?" Open Ended Questioning at its finest! THANK YOU! (Prac 5)

and FINALLY...Mrs. Falcone had one of my most favorite critical thinking(Prac 5) and creative writing(Prac 7) exercises in all my years as a GE Instructional Coach. She simply put up a picture of an angry cat and a less than eager to engage, dog. Her prompt was very simple, (KISS Keep It Simple Superstar) "What could that dog have done to make the cat mad?"(Prac 4) The students were assigned to use their vocabulary(Prac 8) and create a story. Their stories were hilarious, well written, imaginative and, theirs!(Prac 10) Oh yes, they were read with enthusiasm and they are beginning to not only become good authors, but orators as well. FANNNTASTIC!

I saw many, many more wonderful things, and unfortunately didn't get to write about all of you. Be watching for YOUR STORY in my next editions, and be sure to GO VISIT THE CLASSES & your FELLOW EDUCATORS I've featured this month. THANKS & KUDOS to you ALL!!!! GO OIS


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If you have great things...and I know you do, going on in your classroom you'd like to share, send it to me so I can post it on PINTEREST!!!

Hey! Do you know any friends who are teachers in SOUTH TEXAS, or out of state who you think might be INTRIGUED by what you're doing in your classroom with GE? If you do, please send me their information so I can contact them and GEt them started with GREAT EXPECTATIONS in their school! YOU ARE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.....Curt