Teacher's Talk

Come out & have a fun night of learning & discussion!

Join the best teaching seminar on the west coast!

This mixer is designed to get teachers talking about & sharing their methods of teaching and is followed up with an instructional lesson on how to stay current, mentally refreshed during the school year or year round for some, and information on training in your local area.

Every first and last Tuesday of every month, at 8pm!

There will be live music, refreshments, & prayer!

Some of out top instructors/special guests for next week:

Guaranteed to be relaxing, fun, and helpful.

We provide online webinars in addition to the first and last Tuesdays of the month. We fund teacher credentialing, provide information on where to get extra hands-on training in the classroom and give teachers a chance to socialize and unwind while they are learning. A catering service provide all fresh foods, and a live Dj plays the tunes!