Change in Instructional Methods

PDP Evidence

Year 2

This group of pictures is from my second year teaching when I started to implement more partner work. It shows a progression of different partner activities that I implemented that year.
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Paper Bridge Experiment

Students were doing paper bridge experiments on bridge length and bridge thickness to determine what type of relationship was made with the weight of the pennies. They would do the experiment by adding pennies to a cup until the bridge collapsed and then graph their findings. This led to working with linear and exponential relationships.

Year 3

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Team Posters

We would occasionally have students present to the class so they would make a poster for their findings. Each student had a job to do and it allowed students to get up and move. Along with these posters we would do gallery walks where they walked around the classroom and spent time looking at each poster and leaving questions and comments for the teams.

Year 4

Quadratic Formula Creativity

When learning the quadratic formula I teach them to sing it to the tune "Pop Goes the Weasel" because that's how I learned and I still sing it in my head to this day. I challenged students to come up with their own way to remember the quadratic formula and these are some of the examples.