4 levels of industry

by: Haylee LeMoine


this stage is where your materials are being gathered and being made into there raw materials. in my case, my raw material is cotton because I am doing clothes. examples: potatos, cotton, peanuts, etc.


this is the step where the raw material is turned into its product. in my case, this is the step where the cotton is being sewn into different types of clothing, in the old navy factories. examples: chips, clothing, shoes, etc.

wholesale, transpertation, and retail

this step is where all of the products are transpired to a store and sold to people like us. the wholesaler sells to the retailer and the retailer sells to us. in my case the wholesaler is old navy, my transportation is probably an 18 wheeler, my retailer is an old navy near me, and then they sell it to us. examples: 1. tomatos, cargo plane, Walmart


the last step is marketing and advertising your product. in my case I would spred the word on billboards, commertials, and magazine ads. examples: billboard, magazine ads, radio, tv, commertials, sign spinning, website adds, app ads, blimp ads, and sampling.


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step by step

the first step is agrulcultrual. in Agriculteral, you have your raw materials. the second step is manufacturing. in manufacturing, you turn your raw material into a product. the third step is wholesale, transportation, and retail. in this step, your product is transported to a store to be sold to people like us. the last step is service. in service, you advertise your product and help your product be sold.