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December 31, 2020

Message from Principal Smith

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your response in getting tested. You have greatly supported the safety efforts that we have put into place throughout this school year. We appreciate you. Testing is another important effort to keep us all safe along with mask-wearing and social distancing. These efforts provide great comfort to our families, students, and staff upon our return to the building on Monday, January 4.

Many have contacted me about concerns regarding family travel throughout the year, especially during the holiday season. Our policy remains that if you visit a hotspot, you will need to quarantine for fourteen days before returning to school. I trust that families will do that for the protection of the cohorts and the staff. These policies are put in place to provide necessary guidance for the entire school community. The school asks out of an abundance of caution, that we all follow policies to protect one another. We trust that whether you are at home or traveling that you are limiting contact with others, masking, and are prepared to quarantine if necessary.

Also, the faculty has discussed the necessary strengthening of our masking policy. All students of all ages need to be wearing masks coming in and leaving the building. “We move, we mask.” K-8 students should be wearing them throughout the building and only taking them off when instructed by teachers and everyone in the room is stationary at their desks.

Your continued support is important and necessary to get through this. We can do it together. We are CKS Strong! Many blessings to you for a blessed and safe 2021. God bless and Happy New Year!


Paula Smith, Ed.S.


Christ the King School

Important Reminders

  • If you test positive or quarantine, please notify the school's COVID contact. We are required to report these during virtual and in-person instruction.
  • If you are in contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19 for 15 minutes or more within a 24 hour period, you must quarantine. For the most accurate results, it is recommended that you get tested no sooner than 5 days after your known exposure to the positive case.
  • Quarantining is defined as staying at home for 14 days after the known exposure, watching symptoms and checking temperature twice a day. This means not just quarantining from school, but all public locations.
  • When dropping off students' forgotten materials at school, please leave them outside the school's door, and buzz the front desk to arrange retrieval.
  • Masks must be worn on school property at all times. Please make sure to wear your mask when coming to the front door.

COVID Contact

As questions arise about the policies and procedures that we have put in place due to COVID-19, we wish for our parents to have a point of contact for their questions. For the upcoming year, our nurse, Shayna Elmore, will be available full-time during the school day. She will be our school’s COVID Contact. Please direct your COVID-related questions via email to or call (859) 266-5641.

If you have any questions about whether your child can be in attendance, please reach out to Nurse Elmore, our COVID contact. It is of utmost importance that we maintain the health and safety of our school community.

If your child is in isolation or quarantine, please contact Nurse Elmore, so that we can ensure that students can continue learning via the hybrid plan if they are well enough to do so. Her contact information is

CKS Travel Policy

Many have come to us concerned about families traveling. We all have to be protective of our cohorts.

In order for us to preserve face-to-face instruction of our students at school, we have to be extra careful with the choices we each make. We, of course, want our children to have all the typical experiences; however, we have to remember that making sacrifices for the short term will help prevent the spread of the virus, and reduce long-term negative effects on the school’s reopening and the health and safety of our children, faculty, and staff.

If you travel to or through any current hotspots, students have to quarantine for two weeks. The best place to go to check hotspots, which are states with 15% positive testing rates, is

Keep in mind that there are considerable swings and changes in all states and they can change even while you are traveling.

Daily Prescreening

Parents will need to fill out this pre-screening form daily with respect to their children who attend Christ the King School. You may submit this either the evening before your child(ren) will attend class on campus, or in the morning before bringing your child(ren) to school; HOWEVER, if you submit this form the evening before and circumstances change between then and the morning, you should resubmit and take action accordingly. A SYMPTOMATIC CHILD, OR ONE WITH A TEMPERATURE OF 100.4° OR ABOVE, SHOULD NOT BE BROUGHT TO SCHOOL.
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Morning Drop Off Reminders


Due to COVID-19 precautions, and as outlined in our Reopening Plan, drop-off locations and procedures are different than in years past. Please read carefully:

PreK2​: The entrance to the Parish Life Center (PLC) between the adoration chapel and the main Cathedral doors; social distancing markers on the sidewalk. Parking is available at designated areas indicated on parking lot diagrams (see below). ​Two special cases to be aware of​:

  • PreK2 families whose only other children are in PreK3 or PreK4 may drop off these older siblings with staff at the PreK2 ingress point, and staff will escort those children to the appropriate classroom.

  • PreK2 families whose older children are non-PreK should first drop off the older children at the multi-child or “singles” ingress point, as appropriate (see subsequent bullet points), then circle back to park and drop off the PreK2 child.

“Singles”:​ (meaning families who have only one non-PreK student attending CKS - including a walker): The bottom of the ramp that leads to the front of Hehman Hall.

PreK3A​: the covered ramp leading to the entrance to Hehman Hall; social distancing and directional markers on the sidewalk (or stanchion divider to mark two-way traffic on ramp). Parking is available at designated areas indicated on parking lot diagrams (see below).

PreK3B / PreK4​: cafeteria doors facing back (Hehman Hall) lot, opposite gym entrance; social distancing and directional markers on the sidewalk. Parking is available at designated areas indicated on parking lot diagrams (see below). Siblings may enter here as well. Parents should accompany the student to the screening station. A sibling may then walk the PreK3B/ PreK4 child to the preschool classroom on the way to his/classroom.

Walkers and multi-child families (families and car-poolers with multiple, non-PreK children at CKS, and walkers from families with multiple non-PreK students): the school’s main entrance facing Cochran Road. An older siblings may walk a younger sibling to his/her classroom.

Please refer to the following diagrams for updated drop-off traffic flows, which may differ from those of prior years:

Front lot morning drop-off
Back lot morning drop-off

Staffing for screening will begin at all ingress points at 7:30 a.m. With the understanding that each family’s circumstances may not allow adherence to this schedule, to distribute the influx of students we request that students arrive for drop-off within the following, alphabetically based windows:

➢ A-G: 7:30-7:40 a.m.

➢ H-N: 7:40-7:50 a.m

➢ O-Z: 7:50-8:00 a.m.

Ingress Point Screening Protocols for Morning Drop-off

With these ingress points staffed by screeners using handheld, non-contact, infrared thermometers, the approach is not to let a student enter the school building if s/he has a fever (100.4°F or above). Students in first through eighth grade should don a mask before exiting their car and continue to do so until they have arrived in their cohort classroom. The protocol for each ingress/screening location is as follows:

  • PreK2
    Parents (masked) will accompany their PreK2 students into the PLC entrance between the Adoration chapel and the main entrance to the Cathedral, then to a station outside the classroom to be screened. Once parent and child are cleared (child’s temperature will be recorded as per regulations), the parent will drop off their PreK2 student and exit a second marked door in the PLC; social distancing markers will be on the floor outside the classroom. Allow PreK2 parents with their only other child in PreK3/4 to leave the older sibling in the care of staff to be escorted to his/her classroom.

  • "Singles”
    Screeners will meet students at their car, or approaching single walkers, to take a temperature. Cleared students will exit their car, proceed up the ramp and into the Hehman Hall vestibule, then down the hallway adjacent to the gym, then out and across the breezeway to the middle-back entrance to the school, and to their locker/classroom. Febrile students will remain in their car and leave with their parent.

  • PreK3A
    Parents (masked) will use marked parking spaces between the playground and the gym, then accompany their child(ren) up the right side of the ramp leading to the entrance to Hehman Hall in the back lot (adjacent to Providence Road); enter and proceed to station outside of classroom where a screener will take and record the temperature. Cleared students only may enter their classroom. Febrile students will exit with their parent down the opposite side of the ramp and back to their car.

  • PreK3B / PreK4
    Parents (masked) will use marked parking spaces between the playground and the gym, then accompany their child(ren) to the cafeteria entrance, where screeners will take and record the temperature. Cleared students only may proceed into the building and to their classroom via escort (teacher or assistant). Febrile students will return to their car with their parent and leave.

    NOTE: Families who also have non-PreK students may bring the older sibling(s) to this screening station, rather than dropping off at the multi-child or singles entrance, and an older sibling may escort the preschooler from there to his/her classroom.

  • Multi-child families (including multiple walkers from the same family)
    Screeners will meet students at their car or, for walkers, as they approach, to take a temperature. Cleared students will exit their car and proceed into the building and to their locker/classroom. Febrile riders will remain in their car and leave with their parents. A febrile walker will be escorted to a designated quarantine area, and parent notified; if a parent is at home, the student, at parent’s discretion, will be released to walk home or wait in the quarantine area for an authorized pickup.

    NOTE: For families with older siblings of a PreK3/4 student, the older siblings should accompany their parent to the screening station at the cafeteria entrance, and then escort their preschool sibling to his/her classroom before heading to their own classroom.

    *At this time, there will be no early morning drop off (7:00 am-7:30 am)

Dismissal Reminders

Please refer to the following diagrams for updated pick-up traffic flows, which may differ from those of prior years. Please refer to the following afternoon pick-up diagrams:

PreK/K-only afternoon pick-up diagram

K - 8th afternoon pick-up diagram

PreK/K-only afternoon pick-up

The PreK/K-only pattern is for families that do not have children in grades higher than Kindergarten. This group of students will be escorted to the gym and be released from there by groups; a traffic director will release groups and direct following traffic into the pick-up zone. These parents should enter the Providence Road (Hehman Hall) lot entrance near Romany Road no later than 2:40 p.m., and follow the traffic flow pattern indicated on the pick-up diagram to the pick-up zone along the sidewalk adjacent to the gym. Parents may use the parking spots denoted on the diagram as “late line” if they need extra time to buckle-in their child. PreK/K-only parents arriving later than 2:40 p.m. should not enter the back lot, but instead must enter the regular K - 8 carline traffic flow via the front lot entrance on Colony Blvd.

K - 8 afternoon pick-up

Students will be released from their classrooms by numbered carline group.

  • K - 8 vehicular carline traffic flow will proceed as before (enter from Colony and proceed through the front lot and around to the backlot).

    After carline has cleared the front lot, walkers will be released by family groups at least six feet apart. Walkers will be escorted from the school building only to the Cochran sidewalk at the other end of the front lot crosswalk at the middle of the school.

  • When a cohort goes into quarantine, including the teacher, the students will use the full online plan that includes synchronous (or live-streamed video) learning.
  • When individual students quarantine, without their cohort/teacher, or chooses to learn from home, he/she will use the hybrid plan that includes asynchronous (pre-recorded video) learning ONLY.
  • When a student is sick with allergies, strep etc. or on a trip he/she will complete missing work as normal, using Google Classroom and Ren-Web to keep up. The student has as many days as he/she misses to make up the work.

Reopening Plan

Please see the CKS Reopening Operations Plan for all important information.

COVID-19 Response


Recent communications from CKS, along with links to COVID-19 Resources:


Prayer list:

Prayer Request Form:


If you would like to make a donation to those struggling during this time or if you need help, please contact us:

Important Dates

January 4, 2021 Classes Resume In Person

January 4, 2021 Jean's Day

January 5 and 6, 2021 Virtual Confirmation Sponsor Meeting (6:30)

January 15, 2021 2nd Trimester Midterm

January 12- February 5, 2021 MAP testing

January 11-12-13, 2021 2nd Grade First Reconciliation

January 18, 2021 MLK Day, No School

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