Panther Post Updates!

June 9-21, 2016

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Filming in the area on June 9 and June 10!

Ald. Osterman was recently informed of a planned film shoot on the 5500 block of N. Wayne.

The house involved with this film shoot is located at 5539 N. Wayne.

The film shoot and prep will be on Thursday (6/9) & Friday (6/10).

There will be parking restrictions in the area and vehicular traffic on Wayne will be closed periodically throughout the shoot.

They will not close Wayne between the hours of 7:30am - 8:30am & 2:30pm - 3:30pm, so as to not interrupt parent drop off and pick up at Peirce School.

Any questions or if you have any emergencies or special requests please contact the location manager Mono Wilborn at 312/560-1851.


Dan Luna

Office of Ald. Osterman

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A few end-of-school volunteer requests from the PSO

Hey folks... the end is nearing! A few requests:

June 12th: MidsommerFest beer pourer. (Three shifts 10:15a-2:15p, 2p-6p, and 6p-10p) For more info please contact Dave at

June 14th at 8am: We will do the last box top count of the school year! Come help turn box tops into funds for Peirce!

June 16th at 8am: We need about 6-7 people willing to help with decorating the gym for graduation.

June 17th at 8am: We need about 6 people to help with graduation. Many of the parents who run this year to year have 8th grade kids- please let's show them our gratitude and make it great for their kids!

"It is important for parents, educators, and coaches to know that the growth mindset that sits in their heads may not get through to children unless they use learning-focused practices, like discussing what their children could learn from a failure and how they might improve in the future," says Haimovitz.

Read the article below to learn more about growth mindset...

On June 7th the 5th grade took the last leg of our journey to save the Monarchs. This journey began in October. We received grants for milkweed, we planted milkweed to get the garden ready for our butterflies, we became a “waystation” on the National Registry for Monarch butterflies and we raised our own Monarch butterflies in the classroom. We released those butterflies today. We started our ceremony in the gym and then moved to the garden. When we let the butterflies out of their cages, they stayed with us for a very long time hopping from student to student as if they were thanking us for taking care of them. And then, suddenly, within the blink of an eye, they took flight. Their shimmering beauty and graceful flight was a wonder to us all. Butterflies symbolize new beginnings. What better way to celebrate our readiness for middle school. Releasing our Monarchs was a magical experience.