Tech Tips #4.04

Week of September 12, 2016

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What is Newsela?

Newsela is dedicated to transforming the way learners access the world through words. Newsela publishes high-interest news articles, primary source documents, famous speeches, historical news, and biographies daily at five levels of complexity for grades 2-12 using Newsela’s proprietary, rapid text-leveling process. Newsela develops nonfiction fluency and critical-thinking skills necessary to master standards for informational text.

See below how Newsela transforms the first paragraph of the Phone Sniffing Dog article.

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Text Sets

Text Sets are collections of articles that share a common theme, topic, or standard. You can browse sets created by Newsela or create your own.

Click TEXT SETS at the top of the Newsela screen to access sets for Spanish, Science, Literature, Social Studies, and more!

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Additional Resources

After School Special - Newsela

Google Account Information (Staff & Students)

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GCCISD Educational Technology Website

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