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Tips on Recovering Abandoned Carts

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The Cloud IQ Tips on Recovering Abandoned Carts

Cloud IQ vividly states that marketing nowadays has changed. Gone were the days of cumbersome, one-size-fits-all promos and packages – there all over. Definitely, one who knows the principles, techniques and strategies on driving traffic and generating greater sales has the upper hand, not to mention the ability to turn cart abandonment into sales. If you can recover those abandoned carts, then, success will surely fall right on your palm. In this article, you will know some of the tips in recovering abandoned carts.

Don’t delay. This isn’t dating, where you take a phone number and have to play it cool for 3 to 5 days to make it look like you’re really busy and important. Your conversion rate will not increase by making the customer sweat by yourself control.

From manual to automated. Companies like Cloud IQ have an app that called cart recovery. The app will monitor and keep records of your visitors. When they abandoned carts, they will be receiving emails. Basically they will be reminded of the items that they abandoned whether intentionally or not. The key here is to go for the automated version. If you are planning to do things manually, then that’s not a problem but think about the hassles it may bring. Automated emails are intrinsically better.

Stalking is healthy. Plan a series of 3 triggers, one for real-time, one after 24 hours and one after 7 days. The copy and creative of the email may be slightly different to reflect the lapse of time and to stagger offers (the first email may be just a friendly reminder, subsequent messages with sweeter deals). When possible, segment out recipients who have not opened the first email, opened but not clicked, and opened and clicked and target them accordingly. You may tinker with a series of more than 3 messages, but 3 is a good place to start until you get the feel for customer behavior. Tending to your cart abandonment requires effort.

Take it slow on prize discounts. Discourage customers from abandoning in order to receive the “prize” discount by mixing up your offers. In other words, don’t send a discount the first time, every time. Experts from Cloud IQ say that giving discounts too much is not a good idea to recover cart abandonment. It only shows how desperate you are.

And lastly, never appear to be desperate. Keep your cool. Don’t stress yourself contemplating why you are failing to recover your abandoned carts. Focus instead on improving your website and advertising your products and drive traffics. Remember that you can never do something if you are not somehow failing. Be motivated, improve and smile. The world is spinning and so does your market.