Adam W

l How i got my job at Fareway l How i got there l Being loyal all the way l

Filling Out the Application

I remember not being able to print off an application because my Chromebook wasn't hooked up to my house printer. I finally got it to work, and it took me forever because I didn't know most of the things. I finally turned it in a week later, and waited for the call.

When I Got the Job

Tuesday, Oct. 21st, 4:30pm

1711 Sunset Dr

Norwalk, IA

I was at an interview, and I was really hoping for the job. We were about to go, but Brian (my boss) asked me for the job on the spot.

First Day

Monday, Oct. 20th, 4pm

1711 Sunset Dr

Norwalk, IA

My first day was on October 20th. It was just a training day. What I did was just how to bag groceries and how to carry out. It was an easy thing to do, but it was also not the most fun thing. It was just 2 hours of sitting in front of a TV screen watching how to do these things.

My First Bagging Day

Wednesday, Oct. 22nd, 4pm

1711 Sunset Dr

Norwalk, IA

My first official day was on October 22nd and it was the most stressful days of them all. I remember showing up to work 5 minutes early, and clocked in. I started to work, and it was very very busy. My first day, and I haven't had any experience and was on my own. I eventually did and now are doing better and better every time I go into work. It is something that is easy for me to do.

4 Characters Who Influenced Me

1) Mom

My mom influenced me and helped me because she was there for me when I was filling out my application and helped me when I was preparing for my interview.

2) Dad

My dad also was there for me because he helped me with questions there might be during the interview. Because we went over the kinds of questions, I knew what questions he would ask.

3) Brian

Brian is influential because he is the boss, and the reason I got the job.

4) Adam

Adam influenced me because he worked there forever, and is my neighbor and talked to his boss and helped me get the job.

First Day I Dropped Something

It was almost time for everyone to go home, but I took a very large cart. (I had to use two carts on the way out to the car, to imagine how many groceries there were). I had everything in the car, and the last bag was a sac of 6 bottles of salsa (glass) that were not double sacked. I started to put the sac into the car, and the bottles went through the plastic bag and got all over my shoes and the parking lot along with the ladies car. I did not have to pick it up, due to "Iowa Child Labor Laws", but I still felt bad for the lady. I went inside and got her new salsa, a staff member picked up the salsa, and the lady left.