Flawed Dogs by Berkely Breathed

about the characters

Sam The Lion

Sam is a 180,000 dollar dog that likes to lick humans under their nose. At the middle of the story Sam gets into a lot of action and gets a lot of injuries. He is just a lost dog that doesn't know what to do. He has one enemy that he wants to kill. That dog is named Cassius. Cassius and Sam are big enemy and tries to kill each other.


Cassius is a very mean dog. Cassius and Sam are big enemy's. In one part of the movie Cassius tries to kill a baby and Sam tried to stop him but then Heidys uncle comes and shoots Sam and then sends Sam to a dog pound because Heidys uncle thought Sam was attacking Cassius ( Heidy is a girl in the story that finds Sam).

Hope you enjoyed this little summary about the characters!