Sochi Olympics 2014

What Is Skeleton?

Skeleton is an Winter Olympic sport, you grab your sled and run with it until you get close to the edge and then you jump onto the sled and go through twist and turns on the track.
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gloves- worn for protection and made out of leather

helmet- made out of plastic worn for head protection

chin guard- made for protecting the chin

visor- helps keep the snow out of your eyes

suit- keeps your skin protected from the snow made out of tight material

shoes- are made out of syntactical material

sled- made out of metal competitors slide down the on it through the course

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L.P. Child invented this sport in Switzerland year of 1928. It became a sport in the Olympics in 1954 but then they stopped playing. After some years past they put it back in the Olympics in 2002.
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When are the events

*remember Russia is 6 hours ahead of us

Feb 13- Women 2:30 AM

Feb-14 Men 7:30


Feb 14- Women 10:40

Feb 15- Men 9:45

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Sochi Olympics Skelton results


1st- Great Britian- Yarnold Elizabeth (girl down there)

2nd- USA- Pikus- Pace

3rd- Russia- Nikitian Elena

4th- USA- Uhlaender Katie

5th- Russia- Potylitsina Olga

6th- Russia- Orlova Maria

7th- Canada- Reid Sarah

8th- Germany-Huber Anja

9th-Austria- Flock Janine

10th- Germany- Griebel Sophia


1st- Russia- Tretiakov Alexander

2nd- Latvia- Dukurs Martin

3rd- USA- Antoine Matthew

4th- Latvia- Dukurs Tomass

5th- Russia- Chudinov Sergei

6th- Russia- Tregybov Nikita

7th- Canada- Fairbairn John

8th- Great Britian- Bromley Kristan

9th- Germany- Kroeckel Alexander

10- Great Britian- Parsons Dominic

*USA also got 15 - Daly John

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Facts about the sled

In skeleton, the sled has many features, but it doesn't have brakes so the player/tribute has to keep going until it slows down and stops. The sled has a very smooth bottom so it wont get stuck on ice and the tribute will not slip off.
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The player and the board

The player can either lay on his/her back or his/her stomach to slide. I think that it would be best if you slide one your stomach because you can see where you are going.

The speed that you usually go is up to your weight. The board can only be ridden in a prone position.

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