The Outsiders: Song Track

Nick. C Period7

Dustyin Lynch- Wild in your smile

I chose this song because the meaning of "Wild in your smile" is just a boy admiring a girl and just like when Ponyboy met Cherry, the story stated "My name's Sherri, but I'm called Cherry because of my hair. Cherry Valance."
"I know," I said. "You're a cheerleader. We go to the same school."
"You don't look old enough to be going to high school," the dark-haired girl said.
"I'm not. I got put up a year in grade school."
Cherry was looking at me. "What's a nice, smart kid like you running around with trash like that for?" and that's when Ponyboy and Cherr started to evolve a relationship.

Survivor-Eye of the tiger

I picked the song "Eye of the tiger" because it has a theme or an atmosphere of a fight. And in The Outsiders in chapter 9 there was a rumble and it started by someone saying "Hold up!" a familiar voice yelled. "Hold it!" Darry turned to see who it was, and Paul swung--- a hard right to the jaw that would have felled anyone but Darry. The rumble was on. Dallas Winston ran to join us.
I couldn't find a Soc my size, so I took the next-best size and jumped on him. Dallas was right beside me, already on top of someone.
"I thought you were in the hospital," I yelled as the Soc knocked me to the ground and I rolled to avoid getting kicked.
"I was." Dally was having a hard time because his left arm was still in bad shape. "I ain't now."

Taylor Swift- I knew you were trouble

I've chosen this song by Taylor Swift, because the moral of the song is that meeting someone that's no good towards them, for example in chapter 2 when Dally tried to give everybody a coke and Cherry dumped on him because she didn't like the fact he was trouble

Imagine Dragons-My fault

I like the song "my fault" because it implies that something terrible happened between two people, and in chapter 4, when Johnny killed Bob he put Ponyboy in his situation making him come along with him, a leaving the gang behind without notice.

Drake-Started from the bottom

Lastly I chose "Started from the bottom" because Ponyboy was getting into fights and always getting in trouble, but in chapter 12, he was going back to school because the judge let him go under that circumstance and Ponyboy would most stay in school any ways because he learned a lot of life lessons I such a short amount of time, plus he doesn't want to always remembered as a hoodlum.